The Infamous HER Wants To ‘Make You Mine’ With New Indie Rock Track

‘Make You Mine’, the new single from The Infamous HER, is a delicious, mesmerizing, thoroughly rocking track that harks to the British Invasion while at the very same time sounding authentically modern.

With previous releases, The Infamous HER has called on inspirations of glam rock and new wave, along with hints of punk, heavy metal, modern pop.  Everything they’ve done, they’ve done with style, and it’s this that’s won them a reputation as one of the wildest bands in the New York City underground. Every note and every beat counts from these musicians.

Singer and songwriter of The Infamous HER, Monique Staffile, is the main focus of the band, and her fearlessness, passion, and overall good humour goes even further to make The Infamous HER unforgettable. On their latest single, ‘Make You Mine’, we find Monique is single-minded, intense, fiery, and self-assured, and just when we think we get what’s going on, she sings a whole verse in French – flawlessly.

With such tricks up her sleeve, it’s no wonder that Monique is the focus of the surreal music video for ‘Make You Mine’. Directed by David Dutton, it takes excess to the extreme, with footage completely filled with Moniques, sometimes a whole slew at once – interacting with one another, as they light up every frame. Monique and her bandmates are at a house party, whose fashions, furnishings, and even the footage itself all suggest it’s set in the 1980s, but with her pure energy, it’s clear that Monique belongs to no time or place.

Watch the video for ‘Make You Mine’ below, and find out more about The Infamous HER and their music online on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and their official website.

The Infamous HER - Make You Mine (Official Music Video)

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