Sophie Colette – ‘Would You Like It?’

A worthy contender for summer anthem of the year, Sophie Colette’s ‘Would You Like It?’ celebrates the realisation of falling in love in a refreshing, atmospheric new video.

Colette’s voice works in perfect harmony with what the track is trying to achieve and provides a beautiful balance to a groovy bassline chorus, as if it were drifting effortlessly on a mid-summer breeze.

The video itself is totally encapsulating and is guaranteed to have you watching on repeat. We get the feeling Colette is now free as she dances across a wonderfully-lit New York backdrop, yet reveals perhaps a vulnerability as the track progresses.

At only 2:50 in length the track is concise, doing what an indie-pop song should – leaves you wanting more.

Close your eyes and this track can take you anywhere you would love to go, open them and you’ll be packing your bags for New York.

Find Sophie Colette online on her official website, Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

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