Lucy Spraggan Releases New Album ‘Choices’ Today Friday 26th February

Lucy Spraggan releases album number six today and it’s an album that comes from the soul. Most artists will have, at some point in their career, the record that changes everything for them. It might not be the album with the most success, or the album with the most hits but it will be that album where everything seems to come together, where the lessons learned from everything that comes previously enables something forged in real honesty, in real emotion. For me, this will be that album for Lucy; the record that becomes the touchstone for everything that will inevitably follow, the bar against which everything else will be compared.

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Bruce Sudano – ‘It Don’t Take Much (Because I Do)’

We’ve written about Bruce Sudano’s songs and videos a number of times on here, and regular readers will know that he favours clips which feature animation. For his latest single, ‘It Don’t Take Much (Because I Do)’, Sudano has once again visited this means of visualisation, and we see both the singer and his band rendered as 2-D digital images.

Maribased1 – ’48 Ratchet’ ft Beat King 

On his new single, ’48 Ratchet’, Maribased1 is joined by Houston’s BeatKing.

Frank Hugo – ‘Count It Up’

Atlanta rapper Frank Hugo knows what it’s like to start with nothing.

GS11 – ‘Flex’ ft. The Plug Daughter

North Carolina native GS11 has been putting his own stamp on Southern rap and making his own since 2015. With his crew, the 11 Grooves, backing him up, GS11 and his latest project ‘Gastronaut’ have been burning up the charts with singles such as ‘Bunkin’. His latest track, ‘Flex’, featuring The Plug Daughter, should likewise be a smash.

Silvertung – ‘You’re Fine’

Silvertung’s most recent release, ‘But, at What Cost??!’, is a seven-track album which sees each song flowing into the next, in a parallel of current events. Latest single, ‘You’re Fine’, sees them tackle mental illness head on, without at all sugar-coating the truth.

Estani – ‘Droughts In The Ocean’

Estani is not restricted to any particular genre with her style ranging from Latin soul to acoustic, jazz, and salsa. The Los Angeles based artist is a singer songwriter and vocal coach, specialising in music production, and her talent is illustrated in her lyrical depth and emotional honesty. Estani’s new single, ‘Droughts In The Ocean’, showcases her musical strengths, along with a striking, black and white music video.

Niko Brim – ‘BONITA’

Niko Brim proclaims himself to be a hip hop king in his new single, ‘BONITA’.

Poshbugati – ‘Girl Dad’

Born and raised in Jos Plateau, Nigeria, but now living in Miami, Poshbugati has always remained true to his humble beginnings, and prides himself and his music on his love for his family. The artist started out singing in the Church choir, and then was inspired by musical legends like Fela Kuti, Tupac Shakur, and Bob Marley. His propulsive Afro-pop sound is nowadays centred on his family, in particular his two daughters. New single, ‘Girl Dad’, therefore would on the surface be about his story, but it’s also about another dedicated father of girls, the late Kobe Bryant.

STAR 2 – ‘If U Want To’ 

Now living in San Diego, STAR 2 was born in the Mae La Thai refugee camp in Myanmar, and came to the USA at the age of 5. He sees himself as a role model for other Asian Americans, and especially those who remind him of his younger self.

AV Super Sunshine – ‘Super Cool’ 

We’ve been writing about AV Super Sunshine for a long time now – since 2016, would you believe – and we’re not about to stop any time soon. The super happy and super extra-terrestrial artist from Wisconsin is also ‘Super Cool’, and what do you know, that just happens to be the name of his latest single, and music video!

Grey DeLisle – ‘Valentine’

Grammy award winning Grey DeLisle has so far had two critically acclaimed albums (‘The Graceful Ghost’, and ‘Iron Flowers’), and she’s currently preparing for the release of her next album, ‘Borrowed’, a set of cover songs, on the Regional Records label.

Heilung – ‘Norupo’

The haunting sound of traditional Nordic music is the inspiration for Heilung, who wind the rhythms of the sagas into their tunes. ‘Norupo’, their new single, draws from folk music and the lyrics themselves were taken from the Norwegian Rune Poem, which was originally written in Futhark, the alphabet of the Northern Germanic people.

MJ Songstress – ‘Carousel’

‘Carousel’ is the latest single from MJ Songstress, and it will intoxicate you with its sensual, immersive, and propulsive beat. The New York City singer songwriter doesn’t let genres define her, and this unapologetic bop will pick you up and throw you onto the dance floor, and while its at it, put you in the mood for maybe testing out the waters of a new love.

Elijah Wolf – ‘Brighter Lighting’ 

Elijah Wolf’s new single, ‘Brighter Lighting’, sees him move out of the self-isolation of his first album, and into a more collaborative, immersive sound. It seems counter-intuitive, given that more artists are becoming introspective due to the pandemic, and he’s doing the opposite; but Wolf knows that, and he’s chosen to instead focus on the infinite possibility that’s outside his four walls.

Kailey Nicole – ‘Aim A Little Higher’

Kailey Nicole, with her new single, ‘Aim A Little Higher’, is a 21st century woman, whose country music style has a classic sound, while maintaining a contemporary attitude.

Billy D. Rice – ‘The One That I Love’ 

Billy D Rice was born in Canada, and spent some time in Boca Raton, Florida. He’s been surrounded by creativity his entire life, and his music, with its lighthearted lyrics, is definitely country in sound, but it further falls somewhere between country rock, country dance, and country hip-hop. Taking his inspiration from his surroundings, he’s further been influenced by Marvin Gaye (lyrics), AC/DC (instrumentals), and his home-spun meaningful, friendly statements, and personal magnetism, could easily be emulating Garth Brooks. In short, his sound is quite eclectic, but it’s fun and appealing, and his latest track, ‘The One I Love’, will speak to many with its good energy and even better music.

Pennan Brae – ‘Passing Fad’ 

Vancouver singer songwriter Pennan Brae returns with his new single, ‘Passing Fad’. The track is accompanied by a lyric video.

Learning The Piano During Lockdown

The piano is one of the most popular instruments in the world, and learning to play it can be a challenge but a rewarding one. 

Liv V Releases Latest Single, ‘Magnetic’

18 year old Liv V is brimming with confidence and positive energy in her new single, ‘Magnetic’. The song, which saw her team up with DJ Wiz, IKA, and Jenne Derck, is a song that will resonate with everyone as she asks that we all come together, and not allow anyone to divide us – whether it be the governments, media, or other influences.

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