EP REVIEW: James Billett Is Captivating On ‘What Will They Say About Us’

Watching your own downward spiral from the detached vantage point of a spectator is nothing to scoff at. Turning it into a song is something to be commended – and this is what ‘Hall of Fear’ off James Billett’s debut EP, ‘What Will They Say About Us’, is.

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Zoe Scott’s ‘Quiet Nights’ Video Is Here!

International recording artist Zoe Scott spent the beginning of her career in the entertainment world being on the stage and in films. So it is hardly surprising that when it came to launching her debut Bossa Nova record ‘Shades Of Love’ the visual element would become equally important as the music. 

Margo Price Releases Striking Video For ‘I’d Die For You’ (Synthphonic)

Margo Price makes her most striking visual statement to date in ‘I’d Die For You’ (Synthphonic).

Everyone Is Dirty – ‘Paper Cutout’

‘Paper Cutout’ is the first single and video from the upcoming new album, ‘eine kleine jukebox baby’ of Oakland California post-punk rock band, Everyone Is Dirty. The album is set for release on October 30.

aliensdontringdoorbells Announce Their ‘Arrival’

aliansdontringdoorbells is a name which is turning heads all over the music industry – and not just because the name is awesome.

Hēran Soun – ‘When You Wanted’

James Freeman-Turner’s nom de plume, Hēran Soun, comes with an interesting story. The artist was born with severe hearing loss, which became total loss over time. Freeman-Turner had a number of operations, as well as many years of speech therapy, and managed to regain both his hearing and his voice. The result has been an obsession with music, and a unique perspective on sound.

Casual Fog – ‘Comin’ For Thee’

From Northern California comes Casual Fog, not a description of a weather formation, although they really do know their fogs up that way, having a variety of them, depending on whether you’re on the coast or in the valleys. But Casual Fog is the brainchild of Ryan Donnelly, who’s so far, over the past 15 years, released 9 albums and EPs. ‘Comin’ For Thee’, from the latest album, ‘In Still Delight’, which was released on September 18, rolls in stealthily, just like the fog in the band’s name, and before you know it, you’re completely subsumed.

Toryia Releases Latest Pop Single, ‘Marilyn’

Set for release this Friday, 25 September, Latvian born singer songwriter’s latest single, ‘Marilyn’, is an empowering message to be yourself for women all over the world.

Afro Pop Artist Kutsan Releases Latest Single, ‘Newe’

Kutsan’s latest single, the light and airy ‘Newe’, is an afro pop love song, celebrating the feeling of love when it is brand new. The artist combines the use of both English and the Shona language, and the song is a glorious celebration of both his culture and language.

Viktorija Faith Releases Latest Single ‘Pray’

London-based R&B singer songwriter Viktorija Faith has released her latest single, ‘Pray’. The self-produced track, while subtle, nonetheless is emotionally charged, and is a fine example of independent female creativity.

Producer And DJ FLEIV Releases Latest Single, ‘Cover It Up’

FLEIV is a rising Peruvian DJ and producer, who makes it his mission to push the boundaries of what’s expected from dance music. His latest single, ‘Cover It Up’, takes different elements from house sub-genres, and fuses and experiments with them, creating an infectiously catchy sound.

Aaron Beri Releases Latest Single, ‘In My Blood’

Set for release on 25 September, Aaron Beri’s latest single, ‘In My Blood’, is a heart-wrenching story of frustrated love. The young pop/R&B singer, from Sydney Australia, has managed to amass a huge following across all social media, and his previous release, ‘Just Wanna Love You’, has so far garnered over 300K streams on Spotify alone.

Darla Jade Drops Brand-New Single ‘Forget You Not’

Darla Jade has just released her stunning new single “Forget You Not.” The track is now available to stream on Spotify so be sure to go check it out!

Wankelmut Puts Spin On SHAMAÏ’s ‘Burst’

Out now and nailing it as a remix is the Wankelmut version of ‘Burst,’ a track originally created by singer, songwriter and producer SHAMAÏ. The Berlin based Wankelmut has been prolific since breaking into the dance scene in 2012, and has gone on to deliver records like ‘Ayahuasca’ and ‘Can’t Force Love.’


Unbroken’ By Laura Hillenbrand: Some Reasons Why Every Student Should Read It in 2020

Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand was published almost a decade ago and it remains one of the best books on the market. It was on the New York Times Bestseller’s list almost 150 times. It spent four years on the list, out of which fourteen weeks were at its top. Today, this written masterpiece remains the fifth non-fiction novel that’s the longest-running bestseller of all times.

Paris Bennett – ‘Opposites Attract’

Paris Bennett’s latest single, ‘Opposites Attract’, accompanied by a gorgeous animated lyric video created by Oliver Twixt, shows that she’s not lost any of that blitheness, nor innocence, that saw her win the hearts of millions of viewers in Season 5 of American Idol.

Sharon Hendrix – ‘Adaleigh (Run Away)’ 

Sharon Hendrix is back with her new single, ‘Adaleigh (Run Away)’. We introduced readers to the powerhouse vocals of this artist and her single, ‘Believe And Become’ only a few weeks ago. Now she returns and it’s definitely not too soon to hear her gorgeous voice.

System Machine – ‘In Dust We Trust’ 

Northern Irish industrial and metal band System Machine growl their sage advice to “Pay attention to what Mother Nature says”, with ‘In Dust We Trust’, their latest single. The question we need to ask ourselves is – are we heeding the warning?


‘Waves’, the latest single from Los Angeles band ASHRR, in its synthy, introspective escapism, is the perfect release for a band who is making…well…waves…in LAs underground rock scene.

Glorybots – ‘Radiate’

On the surface, ‘Radiate’, by Glorybots, is a love song to and about California, but dig a little deeper and you realise that there’s so much more: it’s a song of exploration and the wonders of discovery, and we the listeners are invited along for the ride.

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