Universe, The King (UTK) – ‘Good Habits And Energy’

Just as in the title, there’s nothing but good vibes in UTK’s latest single, ‘Good Habits And Energy’.

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Louis Tomlinson Announces The Away From Home Festival – Monday August 30th 2021

Louis Tomlinson today announces his own one day free music event in London on the 30th August, The Away From Home Festival. Entirely conceived and curated by Louis himself, the one day festival that will host 8,500 fans and will be held at the Crystal Palace Bowl, an iconic South London venue with over 60 years of live music heritage and a legacy as an outdoor performance venue stretching back over a century.

Avé – ‘Good Life’ 

With a powerful message, the upbeat ‘Good Life’ is produced using a slick combination of modern beats, mixed in with early 2000s sound effects, the end result being a perfectly addictive rhythm throughout the entire track. Avé’s gorgeous vocals however are the real focal point, as she pitches every note without fail, proclaiming the lyrics as the ultimate testimony to God.

Jor’Dan Armstrong – ‘My God’

Jor’Dan Armstrong has been performing since he was five years old, but he’s loved music since he was even younger than that, attending church as a very small child. His admiration for God has stayed strong throughout his career, remaining a constant theme in his songs, albeit with a mainstream twist, allowing him to rewire the world of Gospel Music.

Wolf Rd – ‘As Good As It Gets’

‘As Good As It Gets’, from their new EP, ‘Counterpoint’, shows fans a more mellow, delicate side of the band. Produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Roye Robley, the track features acoustic guitars, and sweet harmonies, as well as a guest vocal from Sylvia Mendez.

Neil Nathan – ‘You’re My Lady’ 

Neil Nathan’s latest single, ‘You’re My Lady’, a joyous celebration of love and togetherness, feels readymade for easygoing radio; there’s a familiarity about it, it could easily be a 70s FM radio classic high rotation track. It’s a pop-rock standard right from the outset.

Cyrano, The Outstanding Multi Instrumentalist From Scotland, Releases ‘Tundra’ From His Forthcoming EP, Before Touring The UK.

James Vettese, known professionally and creatively as Cyrano, Scottish born and London based music producer has teamed up with Foals’ Kit Monteith to bring us ‘Tundra’, a fantastic follow up to debut single ‘White Wine’, as he gets ready to release his EP and embark on an Autumn UK tour.

will hyde Returns with New Coming Of Age Single ‘Boy’

Rising singer-songwriter, will hyde, has recently dropped his new single titled “Boy.” The track is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms!

Jojo Engelbert – ‘Grown Up’

From early childhood Jojo Engelbert has always been surrounded by popular entertainers, beginning with her siblings, whose nationally syndicated variety programme, ‘Ariel & Zoey & Eli Too’, was followed by a social media audience of millions. It should come as no surprise then that she never once doubted that her destiny also lay in entertainment, and her irresistible personality and gorgeous voice, from appearances on Ariel & Zoey & Eli Too as well as its companion programme, ‘Steal The Show’, ensured her introduction to her own fans. While not entirely ‘Grown Up’, at 14 Jojo feels she’s well and truly ready to shoot for the stars, with her new single.

Pre-Sexual Activities – ‘Spotify Your Life’

Pre-Sexual Activities, a producer duo from New York City, know about the impact of digital media providers on music these days. They know how much streaming has disseminated popular music from its roots – no longer is it necessary to visit a local record store, or a nightclub, to hear the latest tunes. You don’t need to buy anything, you don’t even need to listen to the radio. Music can be accessed everywhere, it exists in a cloud…but clouds vanish. Although there are and have been many streaming services along the way, none have made so much of an impact as Spotify – and PSA lay the blame squarely at their feet – as heard in their latest single, ‘Spotify Your Life’.

 Joyann Parker – ‘Out Of The Dark’

Joyann Parker, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a great blues musician who has always known she was made for the genre. Starting her career in church, she soon expanded and developed, and now combines soul, R&B, gospel, jazz, and traditional blues in her versatile sound. New single, ‘Out Of The Dark’,  is the closing and title track on her latest album, and is a fitting wrap up of the message of the previous 10 tracks.


Early commuters & passers-by appear stunned and slightly bewildered this morning at the mysterious appearance of a 15-meter tall, monstrous looking pink & blue starfish ‒ ‘Starro’ ‒ that seemingly crash-landed into Leicester Square overnight…

C.K. Marion Releases Her Latest Single For All The ‘Dreamers’

C.K. Marion speaks up for those who can’t, using her voice for those who have none. In her previous video, ‘Get Up’, she compared herself to a lion; this power continues in her latest single, ‘Dreamers’.

Chayo Nash featuring T-Pain – ‘Like Dis’ 

If you’ve watched the recent Netflix documentary, ‘This Is Pop’, you’ll know that T-Pain has his own label, Nappy Boy Entertainment. His first signing, Chayo Nash, is a musician after T-Pain’s own heart, and he makes music of his very own style, which draws from hip-hop, spaced-out guitar rock, soul, electric blues, and R&B, allowing his Chicago roots to show, yet imbuing it with the casual laidback hedonism of his adopted home, Florida. Nash’s latest single, ‘Like Dis’ is the perfect demonstration for why he was chosen by Nappy Boy. The respective chemistry and dynamism of Chayo Nash and T-Pain’s voices is showcased in ‘Like Dis’; it’s a match made in heaven.

Tunes For The Summertime: D:Ream returns with OPEN HEARTS, OPEN MINDS

Our favourite cheeky chaps are back with their first new music in over a decade. That’s right, UK House Music legends D:Ream return with OPEN HEARTS, OPEN MINDS, just in time for the openings scheduled for this summer.

Artist Leamount releases latest single ‘D O Y O U’

Leamount’s latest single, ‘D O Y O U’ will pull you in from the very first note, and will more than likely find a place on your summer soundtrack.

Silvre Releases Latest Single, ‘Ready Set Go’

Pop artist Silvre releases the anthemic new single, ‘Ready Set Go’. Serving as a call to arms, and inspired by the inauthenticity we’re bombarded with on a daily basis via social media, the song was written, produced, and recorded by Silvre at Charthouse Studios, Portsmouth, alongside Alix Robson, and Cameron Soper.

Samer Releases Debut Single ‘I Love Angela Merkel’

Samer makes his debut with an homage to Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany. It might sound strange, until you realise he was a Syrian refugee who was given another chance to fulfil his dreams in Germany. The new single pulls no punches from the very start – entitled ‘I Love Angela Merkel’, the witty, energetic track is out on 30 July, and is destined to become a club anthem.

Lungi Naidoo Breaks Hiatus With New Afrobeat Single ‘Feel Good’ And EP Announcement

Lungi Naidoo returns after a long break with her new Afrobeats flavoured single, ‘Feel Good’. The track comes from the South African singer and songwriter’s upcoming new EP, ‘COURAGE’, set for release on September 24, and will be available across all streaming platforms.

Unicorns, Eurovision, And Lights Down Low: We Meet Italian Superstar, Osvaldo Supino

One of Italy’s greatest musical exports, Osvaldo Supino is actually the most recognized and awarded independent Italian artist abroad at this moment. He has recently released his new single, ‘Lights Down Low’, the follow on from his best selling album, ‘Sparks’, which came out two years ago. Certified for eight million streams, ‘Sparks’ ensured Osvaldo’s place in history, and making him one of only four Italian artists, along with Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti and Il Volo, to have been interviewed by CNN.

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