We’re Getting Some ‘Bartender Therapy’ With Elise Harper

New single, ‘Bartender Therapy’, is perhaps Elise Harper’s most classic country tune she’s produced to date. Co-written by Elise, alongside Sarah Jones, Jason Lane, and Craig Wilson, it opens with acoustic guitar, piano, and percussion as it expands into a heartfelt and relatable song. From there pedal steel enters the mix, transporting listeners to a dive bar, where they’re ready to drown their sorrows over a broken heart. Elise’s mellow voice and stirring lyrics certainly pull on the heartstrings of music lovers everywhere, and bring back stirring memories.

SINGLE: Rachael Sage Joins Forces With Crys Matthews On Heartwarming New Single, ‘Albatross (Reimagined)’

Rachael Sage’s Folk-Americana mastery has emerged once again with the release of ‘Albatross (Reimagined)’ ft Crys Matthews. Revealing another glimpse into the acoustic reimagined album ‘Another Side’, this sentimental duet recalls the simplicity of traditional ballads, showcasing the nature of 70s songwriting with its introspective lyrics and divine arrangement.