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4 Tips and Tricks for Breaking Into the Music Industry

It would be next to impossible to place a number on the artists who dream of breaking into the music industry. In fact, there probably isn’t a tiny town or village anywhere in the country that doesn’t have at least one aspiring singer or performer. With that said, the key to breaking into the industry is to obviously get noticed, but when competing with hundreds of thousands of musicians who may be just as talented as you are, it will take that extra special something to get out ahead of the crowd. So then, how can you do that? Here are four tips and tricks that just might get you the recognition you need to propel you straight to the top.

Singer-Songwriter Wai Lana Floats Away On The ‘River Of Forgiveness’

We’ve been following Wai Lana’s musical journey for a long time now – since 2017 to be exact, with her single, ‘Oh My Sweet Lord’, released in July that year. Now from the artist who has long devoted her life to yoga and its spiritual wisdom, comes her latest single, ‘River Of Forgiveness’. It’s no co-incidence that Wai Lana’s singles are released in July; International Yoga Day occurs on July 21, and Wai Lana has released a music video every year, since 2015, to coincide with the holiday, in a celebration of peace, happiness, hope, and respect.

Sp8ce Owl Takes Us To Another World With Latest Release, ‘Digital Breathing’

In another awesome video, Sp8ce Owl is able to fully teleport us to distant places beyond our imaginations. While his previous clips have seen him take us around the world, and into space, with the video for his new single, ‘Digital Breathing’, we go inside our very own bodies, and also inside the hardware of an android. As we see the complex circuitry of our own nervous system compared to the wiring and chips of a robot, we ask ourselves, are we really very different?