Celine Dion’s Heartfelt Rendition Of Wyn Starks’, ‘Who I Am’ Sparks Global Chart-Topping Success

During an intimate moment in her critically acclaimed documentary “I Am: Celine Dion,” musical legend and activist Celine Dion sang one of her favorite songs, “Who I Am,” the uplifting anthem by pop sensation Wyn Starks, during a session with her therapist. This touching sing-along has captured the hearts of thousands, propelling the hit to #1 on the iTunes R&B/Soul Chart in the US, Australia, and UK. It also peaked at #25 on the overall UK iTunes Chart, #7 in Canada, and saw a 300% rise in streams. “Who I Am” has also charted in Germany, Ireland, France, and The Netherlands.

UK Artist kibbokid Releases New Angsty Anthem’It Stands To Reason’ Ahead Of The General Election

Released yesterday, July 1, and just in time for the UK General Election this Thursday, ‘It Stands To Reason’ is the angsty political anthem from kibbokid. ‘It Stands To Reason’ is available to stream and download now. 

The Rubicon Hit The Ground Running With Introductory Album, ‘Beyond The Rubicon’

Released on May 22, ‘Beyond The Rubicon’ is the 8 track debut album of duo The Rubicon. The release sees Paul Mahieu and Paul Griggs combine their respectively honed musical talents in what is sure to be a Rock/Americana classic.

‘The Music Of The Stars’ Is Peter Dulborough’s Melodic Masterpiece, A Musical Journey Inspired By ‘The Little Prince’

Released on May 31, ‘The Music Of The Stars’ is Peter Dulborough’s incredible masterpiece based on Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s ‘The Little Prince’.

The Devil At Her Heels: We Speak With Hard Rock Artist, Ginny Luke

We spoke with internationally renowned electric violinist, singer, and songwriter, Ginny Luke, whose career has seen her touring with Meat Loaf, and recording with…

UK Singer-Songwriter Ronzoni Hines Releases ‘Last Night’, The Phenomenal Follow Up To His Debut, ‘Stand Up’

Released on June 12, ‘Last Night’ is the latest track from Birmingham based singer songwriter, Ronzoni Hines. The single follows on from his highly praised debut, ‘Stand Up’.

Qymira Releases Her Latest Pop Anthem ‘Wait For No One’

Hong-Kong born pop sensation Qymira has made a fiery return with the empowering hit, ‘Wait For No One’ released via QiiA Media.

The Suburbs Want Us To ‘Buckle My Head’ For Them With New Rock Pop Song And Who Are We To Refuse?

The Suburbs have been described as having a “Minneapolis sound”, and they’ve had just as much to do with creating such a sound as anyone else. They’ve shown that it’s possible to be both pop and R&B, and be totally free of the restrictions of genre, while being off-the-wall experimental all the while. Their seventh studio album, ‘Poets Party’, follows on swiftly from ‘Hey Muse!’, and latest single, ‘Buckle My Head’, is the perfect example of why The Suburbs have become such a beloved and influential group.

INTERVIEW: Nathan O’Regan Talks Uplifting New Single ‘It’ll Be Alright’ Ahead Of Upcoming Debut EP ‘Uncovered Vol.1’

Nathan O’Regan speaks with Polly Havelock about new single, ‘It’ll Be Alright’.

Behind The Global Hit: Rosa Linn Talks ‘Universe (French Version)’ featuring Jeck

‘Universe’, the chart-topping hit, is the latest addition to firecracker Rosa Linn’s power-pop. After representing Armenia in The Eurovision Song Contest 2022, Rosa has gone on to support Ed Sheeran on tour, capture a US Platinum Hit with ‘SNAP’ and gather a staggering 12 million monthly listeners. Reimagining the heartfelt song in French, Rosa is ready to spread the song’s heartfelt message further across the globe. We talked to the singer about labelling ‘Universe’ the ‘anthem for daydreamers’ her love for the old music she grew up with, teaming up with Jeck, and the creative process behind it all…

Ladybyrd Unveils Heartfelt New Single ‘Kissing Undercover’ Featuring Rudimental’s Beanie

Ladybyrd, the acclaimed singer-songwriter, releases her latest heart-wrenching anthem, ‘Kissing Undercover’, today, featuring Rudimental drummer Beanie. Building on the impressive momentum gained as Sunday Times Culture’s “Breaking Act,” ‘Kissing Undercover’ serves as the third single from her eagerly anticipated debut album.

The Greatest Super Bowl Half-Time Performances of All-Time

There are two types of Super Bowl fans. The first type watches it for the game. The second comes just for the spectacle and the grandeur, with the football falling into second place. Usually, this involves the majesty and pageantry of the half-time performance.