Wyn Starks chooses self-love on new single ‘Who I Am’

The ability to open your heart in front of a global audience, such as the one of America’s Got Talent, requires immense courage. The standing ovation that Wyn Starks received was solely down to his humble, charming aura and unmistakable talent.

Stark’s emotional performance of ‘Who I Am’ brought judge and Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara to tears; chances are, your eyes won’t stay dry either. Singing live or on a recording, Wyn Starks possesses the power to make you stop and listen. What you will hear is a unique voice and outstanding performer that Simon Cowell described as “brilliant” and also added: “This could be a life-changing moment for you.”

Sofia Vergara is Moved to Tears by Wyn Starks' Original Song | AGT 2022

Wyn Starks shared that his performance of ‘Who I Am’ was a tribute to his late twin brother, that was his biggest fan. The core of ‘Who I Am’, and its accompanying music video finds Starks owning his true self while remembering the past with a lack of self-love. Now, he feels free and weightless ready to take over the world.

After losing his job due to the pandemic, Starks found a push from the universe to put all his energy into music that drove him into his America’s Got Talent audition. Everything happens for a reason, and in the case of Wyn Starks, he’s destined for greatness.

Watch ‘Who I Am’ music video below:

Wyn Starks - "Who I Am" (Official Video)

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