SINGLE: Wyn Starks Unveils Electrifying New Single, ‘Run’

Pop-meets-80s rock sensation and America’s Got Talent star Wyn Starks returns with compelling new single ‘Run’, released on February 16, 2024 via Curb Records. Co-written with Fred Williams and mixed by John Catlin, who notably worked alongside Interpol and Death Cab For Cutie, this fearless, uplifting hit cohesively champions the idea of pursuing your ambitions and embracing what life has to offer. ‘Run’ hails from a series of pop-rock masterpieces that recall the timeless characteristics of acts such as The Killers and The Weeknd, crafting an uproarious, exciting direction for Stark’s upcoming sophomore album.  

Stylz Milleon Shows Off His International Influences In New Rap Single, ‘Good 2 Yuh’

Born in Liberia, and growing up in New Jersey, Stylz Milleon’s journey as an artist took him to Miami, where his musical style benefited from the Caribbean rhythms he heard, and the Afrobeat his West African mother favoured. Furthermore, Stylz has travelled the world, experiencing Ivory Coast, Germany, Austria, and New York, each place offering their own influences to his musical influences.