INTERVIEW: Denise Marsa Talks New Single ‘Kiss Me In The Rain’, The Sci-Fi Love Story Behind It, And New Album, ‘PIVOTAL’ 

Introducing an exclusive conversation with Denise Marsa, where she delves into the depths of her latest single ‘Kiss Me In The Rain,’ the enchanting narrative of her animated series ‘Cowgirl & The Alien,’ and the forthcoming album ‘PIVOTAL.’ In this exchange with Essentially Pop, Marsa offers a glimpse into the creative process behind the emotionally charged ‘Kiss Me In The Rain,’ sharing how a moment of inspiration by the seaside led to a song brimming with hope, temptation, and the resurgence of romance in a post-pandemic world.

Hi Denise, how are you? 

Hi Essentially Pop, I am well and happy to be speaking with you. I very much appreciate the support from Essentially Pop.

Your brand new single ‘Kiss Me In The Rain’ was released on the 22nd of March. The single amongst your most emotive-fuelled work yet – can you give us an insight into the creative process behind it? 

I was with a close friend staying at his family’s beach house, with the bay and the ocean, surrounding us. We were having cocktails, and he had a favourite Spotify Playlist on, and I was really enjoying the tracks. Then I went for a walk by myself to the beach and this lyric and melody popped into my head, it was the verse for ‘Kiss Me in the Rain,’ I recorded it on my phone. Then when I got back to my apartment in the West Village, I went right to the piano and wrote the rest; it was August 2022 and it was raining, that’s where the title and chorus came from. When I wrote ‘Kiss Me in the Rain’, people were connecting again, after the world pandemic and I was feeling connection and romance coming back in my life and around me. It was a hopeful, and explorative time and the song was about temptation and enticing love to blossom. 

‘Kiss Me In The Rain’ is paired with the music video ‘Cowgirl & The Alien’, which is the third part of your animated sci-fi series. How do these visuals help shape the song’s romantic narrative? 

 In this case, the idea of an alien and a cowgirl falling in love is improbable or so we think. However, if they can fall in love if they can connect, and get through whatever obstacles that may get in their way, and there are some we see in the music video, then we all can make it through. Love, in all its glory, has obstacles and everyday challenges.  

You’ve been admired for pushing boundaries throughout your career, evolving as a producer and songwriter with each release. In your upcoming album ‘PIVOTAL’, can you give us an insight into how you created your most commercial work to date? 

Well first and foremost, PIVOTAL would not be the album it is, without my collaborators Janosch Roth, Anna Paulin, and Viktor Becker of Lautstumm Studios, in Germany. It all started with a song I released as a single in 2021 and played pretty much all the instruments on, ‘All This Time Alone’. It was the beginning of a new sound and approach to my songwriting. I continued sending tracks to Janosch who owns Lautstumm Studios in 2022, including FLOAT which we worked on together. He did a remix of the track and soon after I wrote ‘Kiss Me in the Rain’. I was writing less genre-specific songs, so it was perfect timing. Having a team to help interpret your work is incredibly important. I have creative teams and promotional teams now and that’s what is really making the difference these past few years because the promotion is leading to more commercial success.

Describe ‘Kiss Me In The Rain’ in three words: 

Love…to be loved. The first 4 words in the song.  (I answered with 4!)

You’ve performed in numerous venues all over the world, including the iconic Troubadour in Los Angeles. Can fans expect to see ‘PIVOTAL’ live in the future? 

I’d love to perform PIVOTAL live. It depends on how the campaign develops, the attention the album receives and how many people want to see me/us live, performing the album. 

You’ve released music since 1998, with two full-length albums under your wing, dance-pop hits and an EP titled ‘Second Soul’ in 2022. As an artist with a seasoned career, how would you say ‘PIVOTAL’ represents you as the artist you are today? 

I think of PIVOTAL is me.  It’s real, raw, emotional, honest, not needing to be validated and I am putting all I have into this. This is the culmination of all my experiences in the music business as an artist, songwriter, video producer, label owner and all my life experiences, all coming together and meeting up and taking the form of PIVOTAL. And as the title suggests, it is a pivotal time in my life. I’ve been forging my way forward for years and in some way, I have finally arrived.

Following the anticipated release of ‘PIVOTAL’, what do you hope to achieve next?

I think performing the album live and/or putting some of these songs into my show The Pass and performing or filming The Pass would be amazing. I would also love to get more involved with music for films.

Denise Marsa - KISS ME IN THE RAIN (The Cowgirl & The Alien) Official Music Video Part 3

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