Prepare For Denise Marsa’s ‘PIVOTAL’, A Pop Album Like No Other

Get ready for a sonic journey like no other as award-winning singer-songwriter and keyboardist Denise Marsa prepares to unveil her most electrifying album to date, ‘PIVOTAL’. Dropping on June 14th via KeyMedia Group, this highly anticipated release promises to be a landmark in Marsa’s unique musical arena, marking a vibrant exploration of self-discovery through a dazzling array of musical styles.

PREMIERE: Denise Marsa Unleashes LGTBQ+ Anthem of the Summer ‘Rainbow (Until Dawn Remix)’

The award-winning multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter Denise Marsa has an innate ability to infuse atmospheric, dance-pop soundscapes with messages of hope and self-discovery. Ahead of the upcoming album ‘PIVOTAL’, her first release since 2022, Marsa has revealed her most triumphant offering yet, ‘Rainbow (Until Dawn Remix)’. 

INTERVIEW: Denise Marsa Talks New Single ‘Kiss Me In The Rain’, The Sci-Fi Love Story Behind It, And New Album, ‘PIVOTAL’ 

Introducing an exclusive conversation with Denise Marsa, where she delves into the depths of her latest single ‘Kiss Me In The Rain,’ the enchanting narrative of her animated series ‘Cowgirl & The Alien,’ and the forthcoming album ‘PIVOTAL.’ In this exchange with Essentially Pop, Marsa offers a glimpse into the creative process behind the emotionally charged ‘Kiss Me In The Rain,’ sharing how a moment of inspiration by the seaside led to a song brimming with hope, temptation, and the resurgence of romance in a post-pandemic world.