PREMIERE: Denise Marsa Unleashes LGTBQ+ Anthem of the Summer ‘Rainbow (Until Dawn Remix)’

The award-winning multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter Denise Marsa has an innate ability to infuse atmospheric, dance-pop soundscapes with messages of hope and self-discovery. Ahead of the upcoming album ‘PIVOTAL’, her first release since 2022, Marsa has revealed her most triumphant offering yet, ‘Rainbow (Until Dawn Remix)’. 

Denise Marsa 'Rainbow Until Dawn Remix' Teaser Video @Streaminglinks

Poised to be a summer hit and an immediate LGBTQ+ anthem, Marsa has penned a sonic celebration of love, in any shape or form. Melding an infectious dance-pop rhythm with a lively, upbeat arrangement, Marsa’s sincere vocals effortlessly glide above a dynamic backdrop of vibrant guitar melodies, crafting an unmissable slice of pop. While the track’s jubilant energy will encourage fans and beyond to dance the night away, its heartfelt lyricism is set to uplift the LGBTQ+ community in equal measure. 

‘Rainbow (Until Dawn Remix)’ is a truly tantalising taster of ‘PIVOTAL’, which promises to elevate Marsa’s decade-spanning career to towering new heights. Admired for removing herself from definition and delivering an explorative combination of alt-indie pop, Marsa is ready to take off with her most best work to date—it’s certainly not one to miss. 

Listen to ‘Rainbow (Until Dawn Remix) now: 

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