From Global Hits To Philanthropy – The Dynamic Journey Of Qymira

Qymira’s rise to musical stardom has been nothing short of spectacular. This year alone, she has achieved significant milestones, from topping the UK Dance Charts to making waves in Brazil with chart-topping hits. But her journey isn’t just about music; it’s about making a difference. Through the One Gaia Foundation, Qymira is committed to empowering children worldwide. In this interview, we catch up with Qymira to discuss her new single ‘Wait For No One,’ her recent accomplishments, and her passion for using her platform to inspire and uplift others. Join us as we dive into the vibrant world of Qymira.

UK Singer-Songwriter Rosalind Powell Takes Off On Her Latest Musical Venture With Album, ‘Sound Eagle’

Released on July 4th, ‘Sound Eagle’ is the latest addition to the discography of multifaceted musician and creator, Rosalind Powell.

Gareth Dunlop’s ‘Welcome To The House Of I Don’t Know’ Invites Listeners To Pause And Reflect

Gareth Dunlop’s latest offering, ‘Welcome To The House Of I Don’t Know’, is a masterclass in emotive storytelling and musical craftsmanship. This third studio album, released under Zenith Cafe, showcases Dunlop’s evolution as an artist, blending his signature introspective lyrics with a fuller, richer sound.

The Rubicon Hit The Ground Running With Introductory Album, ‘Beyond The Rubicon’

Released on May 22, ‘Beyond The Rubicon’ is the 8 track debut album of duo The Rubicon. The release sees Paul Mahieu and Paul Griggs combine their respectively honed musical talents in what is sure to be a Rock/Americana classic.

‘The Music Of The Stars’ Is Peter Dulborough’s Melodic Masterpiece, A Musical Journey Inspired By ‘The Little Prince’

Released on May 31, ‘The Music Of The Stars’ is Peter Dulborough’s incredible masterpiece based on Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s ‘The Little Prince’.

INTERVIEW: Nathan O’Regan Talks Uplifting New Single ‘It’ll Be Alright’ Ahead Of Upcoming Debut EP ‘Uncovered Vol.1’

Nathan O’Regan speaks with Polly Havelock about new single, ‘It’ll Be Alright’.

World Refugee Day: SHAB Is Ready To Share Her Story With The Upcoming, ‘One Suitcase’

World Refugee Day is today, June 20th, rallying support and solidarity for those fleeing conflict in search of freedom – and a new start.

‘Life With You’: Kelsey Hart Reveals Killer Debut Album

Curb Records artist Kelsey Hart has kicked off summer with the release of his glorious debut album, ‘Life With You’. Reflecting passionately on everything from love, family and whirlwind romance, this sublime country debut is sure to resonate with fans and audiences worldwide. 

Holly Ross of the Lovely Eggs live in Hackney

EGGY THUMP! – The Lovely Eggs And Friends Whisk Up A Treat At Hackney’s EartH

For two people they make one hell of a racket

Scrams PTG Returns With Must-Hear Albunm For UK Rap And Drill Fans, ‘The Resurgence’

Released on March 1st, ‘The Resurgence’ is the new album from Scrams PTG, cementing his place as the pioneering force behind UK drill, and one of the most influential figures in the UK rap scene.

Chapell Welcomes Us To ‘The Underground Music Show’ With New Single, ‘Suddenly’

‘Suddenly’, out today, is the latest single from musical prodigy Chapell’s upcoming album, ‘The Underground Music Show’ (set for release on July 19 via Chapell Music). The track has a familiarity to those of us who grew up with the sounds of Elvis Costello, Squeeze, and all the best of British music from the 70s and 80s.

UNDER YOUR SKIN – Pussy Galore’s Kurt Wolf And Marco Butcher of Jesus And The Groupies Release New ‘Black Bruises’ Album

“Melodies rise…. like lizards emerging from the primordial ooze”