Saeid AK Releases Heartfelt Dedication To Iran’s Fallen Heroes With Latest Single, ‘Ta Akharin Nafas (Until The Last Breath)’ 

Persian-Swedish musician, Saeid Alizadeh, better known as Saeid AK, has released his incredible single, ‘Ta Akharin Nafas (Until The Last Breath)’. The track, which came out on December 12, is written to show appreciation, and to commemorate the dedication of those who have lost their lives in the current Iranian revolution against the country’s dictatorship.

So many innocent lives have been lost in the current conflict, simply for the fact of standing up for their human rights. The bravery and tenacity of the population, girls and women of all ages, as well as the boys and men who support them, has moved people all over the world, and yet at the same time, we feel helpless as to how to give them assistance in their struggle in the immensely horrifying political climate in that country.

‘Ta Akharin Nafas’, which translates as “till the last breath”, sees Saeid AK express by way of a provoking yet poetic song, the desire for freedom of the Iranian fighters. He says,

“In a way, the song has a literal meaning – until the last breath the citizens of Iran are fighting for freedom and peace for Iran.”

‘Ta Akharin Nafas’ was recorded at NextBeat Studio, in California’s Agoura Hills, and produced by the award-winning Persian producer, and artist developer, Shahyad. An international superstar singer himself, Shahyad knew exactly how to bring the song to life, by means of his expert production.

With a powerful pop instrumental, Saeid AK’s passion for his fellow country women and men is evident; his strong vocals are buoyed up by a succession of drum beats and percussion. At just over 2 and a half minutes long, ‘Ta Akharin Nafas’ is a battle cry that should encourage and empower all those involved in the Iranian struggle.

Saeid AK is an incredibly accomplished musician, who over his career has collaborated with the likes of esteemed producers Persian and otherwise, including Abi Yeganeh, Mohammad Moghadam, Elton Ahi, Shahyad and Karl Dhalberg.

He started his musical journey as a teenager, when he discovered his love for music while at high school in Sweden. After attending a range of music courses during this time, he soon established his first rock band, MEGA4. This group of young teens was itching to make their mark on the music scene, and they competed in rock music contests, including Swedish Rock Slaget, and Rock Knock99 to gain the attention of local record labels. Nevertheless, Saeid found his love was for his ancestral Persian music, so he formed a new band, Mahtab. Comprising five members, Mahtab found stardom among the Persian communities in Northern Europe. This led to Saeid being invited to Los Angeles, where the expansive Persian music market allowed him to expand his discography.

You can stream and download ‘Ta Akharin Nafas (Until The Last Breath)’ here. Find out more about Saeid AK and his music online on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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