Sonarpilot Taps Into Greek Mythology With New Electronic Ambient Single, ‘Kronos’

In Ancient Greek Mythology, Kronos was the youngest of the first generations of the Titans, who overthrew his father Uranus, and in turn was overthrown by his own son, Zeus. In the hands of Sonarpilot, the alter ego of producer and digital designer Michael Moppert, ‘Kronos’ becomes a genre-bending electronic soundscape, accompanied by an imaginative visual voyage, created by fractal artist Roger Mader.

‘War Of The Worlds 2023’ Is The Enchanting AI Reimagining Of The 1898 H G Wells Story

Most of us will be familiar with the story of War Of The Worlds; if not the book, then the classic Jeff Wayne musical version, released in 1978 and featuring a cast of the finest singers and musicians on offer at the time. Now, a new version has been released, ‘War Of The Worlds 2023 AI’, and in keeping with the science fiction theme of the original, it’s an AI creation; fusing deep fake celebrity voice models, and Chat GPT ghost writing.