The Real Meladee Knows What’s Hot With New Hip Hop Single And Video, ‘Birkin’

Hermes Birkin bags have been the ultimate must have stylish accessory for forty years or so now. Not only does a Birkin look great, but it’s also bright, eye-catching, and complements any outfit. No two are truly alike, they’re all hand-crafted and reflect their own personality. Much of the same things could be said for The Real Meladee. Her new single, ‘Birkin’, shows just how confident, fresh, and on point she is – just like the bag she’s rapping about.

The Real Meladee Is Ready To ‘Set The Tone’ With Gorgeous New Video

The Real Meladee, out of Tallahassee Florida, is both versatile and resilient, exciting, reliable, and relatable. While she’d be the first to admit she’s inspired by other female artists in her genre, there’s something about her that stands out; her goals are her own, and not any that she’s imitated. She gains inspiration from the things that she sees and feels, and she takes this into the studio every time she goes to lay down tracks.

Sonarpilot Taps Into Greek Mythology With New Electronic Ambient Single, ‘Kronos’

In Ancient Greek Mythology, Kronos was the youngest of the first generations of the Titans, who overthrew his father Uranus, and in turn was overthrown by his own son, Zeus. In the hands of Sonarpilot, the alter ego of producer and digital designer Michael Moppert, ‘Kronos’ becomes a genre-bending electronic soundscape, accompanied by an imaginative visual voyage, created by fractal artist Roger Mader.