Bryn Ryan-Van Dyke Speaks With Us About Her Music Career, What’s Coming Up Next, And Latest Single, ‘It’s My Movie’

Singer songwriter Bryn Ryan-Van Dyke is as inspiring as it gets. She chose to follow her dreams, even if it meant a scary leap into the unknown, in her case, the business of being a musical artist. She taught her self to sing, and learned to play guitar, and from there she has played some of the most iconic venues in Hollywood and beyond. What sounds like a fairy tale however has been the result of hard work; Bryn has put in the hard yards necessary to achieve her success. We have been following her career for a while now, and with her new single, ‘It’s My Movie’, and its message of taking control of your life, we decided it was the perfect opportunity to tap into how she thinks.

Jesus Is Still Alright With Me: J.LONG Brings Funk And Soul To His New Single, ‘J.A.I.M.E.’

‘J.A.I.M.E’, is J.LONG’s most recent release, and it’s also the title track for his 3rd album this year. A play on his first name, it also stands for “Jesus Absolutely Is My Everything”, and the high-energy track channels the Holy Spirit, as well as the likes of Prince, and Lenny Kravitz. The slightly off-kilter beats are matched with punchy synths and jangly guitars and fluid bass runs. On top of all this, the lyrics are catchy as all, and J.LONG’s mellifluous vocals are as smooth and sweet as honey.