Prepare For Denise Marsa’s ‘PIVOTAL’, A Pop Album Like No Other

Get ready for a sonic journey like no other as award-winning singer-songwriter and keyboardist Denise Marsa prepares to unveil her most electrifying album to date, ‘PIVOTAL’. Dropping on June 14th via KeyMedia Group, this highly anticipated release promises to be a landmark in Marsa’s unique musical arena, marking a vibrant exploration of self-discovery through a dazzling array of musical styles.

The lead single, ‘Rainbow (Until Dawn Remix)’, is a euphoric dance-pop gem, closing the album with a colourful cascade of hope and infectious anthems. It’s an invitation to love without boundaries, poised to become both a summer chart-topper and an LGBTQ+ anthem in equal measure.

Produced alongside Janosch Roth, Anna Paulin, and Viktor Becker of Lautstumm Studios, ‘PIVOTAL’ demonstrates several influences, which are wrapped into each multi-faceted symphony. Soaked in everything from glimmering synths to irresistible dance rhythms, the artist is also embracing darker tones with a gritty, rock-n-roll edge.

Marsa’s journey from her debut solo album ‘Self’ to the award-winning ‘Live Forever’ has been marked by bold individualism and relentless innovation. Her decision to launch her own label, KeyMedia Group, underscores her commitment to artistic freedom. Over the decades, Marsa has continued to evolve, blending alt-Indie pop with a fearless approach to genre and style.

‘PIVOTAL’ promises to be a testament to Marsa’s remarkable songwriting talent and collaborative spirit. With its gripping tales of love, hope, self-discovery and melodies that will sweep listeners off their feet, this is a distinct voice that is ready to be heard louder than ever. Prepare to be enthralled by an album that navigates personal triumphs, all while defying conventional boundaries. This is Denise Marsa at her finest…

Denise Marsa 'RAINBOW UNTIL DAWN REMIX' Official Lyric Music Video
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