INTERVIEW: Denise Marsa Talks New Single ‘Kiss Me In The Rain’, The Sci-Fi Love Story Behind It, And New Album, ‘PIVOTAL’ 

Introducing an exclusive conversation with Denise Marsa, where she delves into the depths of her latest single ‘Kiss Me In The Rain,’ the enchanting narrative of her animated series ‘Cowgirl & The Alien,’ and the forthcoming album ‘PIVOTAL.’ In this exchange with Essentially Pop, Marsa offers a glimpse into the creative process behind the emotionally charged ‘Kiss Me In The Rain,’ sharing how a moment of inspiration by the seaside led to a song brimming with hope, temptation, and the resurgence of romance in a post-pandemic world.

Premiere: Northampton Singer-Songwriter Maddox Jones Releases Single ‘Change My Number’

Northampton singer-songwriter Maddox Jones is emerging from the shadows with anthemic new single ‘Change My Number’, an emotionally-fuelled portrait of a personal voyage from heartbreak to self-belief. Out on April 12th via Radikal Records, the track serves as a monumental addition to the singer-songwriter’s acclaimed discography, striking the beginning of his next musical chapter. 

LIVE REVIEW: Dance-pop prodigy NADIA makes stunning live debut in London

Amidst a packed-out Paper Dress Vintage, Irish pop singer-songwriter NADIA made her live debut in London on Tuesday supporting the enigmatic D3LTA. Having garnered acclaim for her passionate, neo-soul meets dance-pop style, the artist hypnotized the audience with her soul-stirring vocals and rhythmic soundscapes. Weaving a spell with each number, the sold-out venue transformed into a luminescent dancefloor that left us instantly hooked and truly mesmerised.

SINGLE: Rachael Sage Reveals the Enchanting ‘The Place Of Fun (Reimagined)’ from Upcoming Album ‘Another Side’

Rachael Sage, the folk-Americana singer and multi-instrumentalist from New York, makes a diverse comeback with her upcoming project, ‘Another Side’, set to release on May 17th. This album offers a fresh interpretation of her 2023 release, ‘Other Side’, highlighting her versatility. The track ‘A Place Of Fun (Reimagined)’ is presented in its purest form, maintaining its status as an instant classic.

SINGLE: Eddie Witz and The Most High Drop Tropical Anthem ‘Jamaica Time’

Buckle up, folks, because Eddie Witz is about to take you on a wild musical ride with his latest single, ‘Jamaica Time’! Picture this: you’re lounging on a sun-drenched beach, sipping on a piña colada, and grooving to the smooth sounds of Witz’s pop-folk fusion. It’s like a tropical getaway for your ears, complete with laid-back rhythms and irresistible hooks that’ll have you swaying in no time.

Rapper Steven Malcolm Releases Groundbreaking New Album, ‘BOATS’

‘BOATS’ is the latest studio album from Christian hip-hop artist Steven Malcolm, his fourth offering showcasing his most personal work yet. Hailing from the success of previous album ‘Tree’, which infused his signature brand of melodic, emotionally fuelled hip-hop with electrifying collaborations with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Shaggy, and Jay-Way, the rising star is unquestionably at the top of his game.