Chad Post Draws Us In Close With Brand New EP, ‘STATIC’

Fresh off the rack, ‘STATIC’, is the brand new EP from Chad Post. The 5 track release dropped earlier this week on April 24.

‘STATIC’ feels deeply personal, as Chad Post outlines emotional and affecting experiences. It’s a concept EP, following what happens in light of a romantic breakup. Opening track, ‘Cold Front’, which was also the first single, is introspective as Post assesses just why the relationship broke down when he thought everything was going perfectly.

Post’s vocals are sweetly soulful, reminiscent of Sam Smith, and his passion flows smoothly, against a laid-back instrumental. Second track, ‘C2md (Coded)’, brings in more electronic elements in the music, and follows on from the heartache of ‘Cold Front’, as he sings of resisting the urge to get in touch with the former lover; the heart wants it but sense weighs in and holds him back before he makes the same mistake again.

Title track, ‘Static (Interlude)’, opens with a radio transmission that serves as an uplifting message to remember that we’re not in the wrong place or time – we’re exactly where we’re meant to be. Even though this can be hard to realise when we’re going through the hard times, in retrospect we know that we grow through these experiences.

By the time we get to penultimate track, ‘White Lies’, we find that Post has realised that what he had thought was perfect, wasn’t quite as it seemed at all. He was always true, but he had missed aspects of relationship that could only be properly understood from the outside. His former lover had been telling lies; they never thought that they’d be found out.

‘Safe Keeping’, the final track, with its R&B infused pop feel, sees Post finally find closure. He keeps the memory of the former lover safely in the melody – “for safe keeping”, but they no longer have the power over him.

Speaking about ‘STATIC’, Chad Post said,

“There is a very current, yet dark pop sound that drives this project. …I would say STATIC is the sound between the music. For me, the project was less about writing a really poppy or catchy song and more about emotion and feel.”

‘STATIC’ is out now, and is available to stream and download here.

You can find out more about Chad Post and his music online on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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