PREMIERE: NADIA Releases Disco-Pop Gem, ‘Catch Me If You Can’ 

Emerging from her renowned neo-soul pop sound with a vibrant disco energy, NADIA is jet-set to make an impressive return with her latest single, ‘Catch Me If You Can’. After bewitching audiences with the immersive ‘Buzz’, the Belfast-born singer-songwriter is boldly demonstrating her mainstream sensibilities, infectious sonic palette, and ability to divert between genres. If there’s any artist on the brink of stardom, it’s NADIA. 

Catch Me If You Can

‘Catch Me If You Can’, which was recorded at Mojo Studios, NI, is a shimmering shockwave of dance-pop anthemics, passionate lyricism, and vocals that effortlessly stir the soul. Recalling the embellished serenity of disco classics, NADIA’s jubilant melodies are once again a guiding light for the track, transforming the bright, synth-infused soundscapes into something truly memorable. 

Labelling the track as a captivating earworm is a mere understatement. While it is destined to be played on a loop, it depicts the whirlwind of falling in love, stacked with shimmering sound effects to construct a spinning effect. Let’s not forget that unique melody—magnificently nostalgic yet refreshingly modern. 

Listen to ‘Catch Me If You Can’ now and catch NADIA in action supporting Lyra on her UK tour: 

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