Rachael Sage Releases Reimagined Version of ‘Deepest Dark’

The spellbinding songstress Rachael Sage, takes us through the reworkings of her new album, ‘The Other Side’, transforming it into ‘Another Side’. The first track to be released from this reimagination is the beautiful ‘Deepest Dark’.

With a rhythm that pulsates with vitality, it’s a lyrical ode to unwavering devotion and boundless acceptance, stripped down to its core with just vocals, piano, and violin. This track emerges as a poignant addition to her continuously evolving musical work. From the delicate cadence of her vocals to the evocative melody of the piano, Sage enchants, painting a vivid sonic landscape from start to finish. 

With its infectious pop-infused melody, the song takes flight, carried by Rachael’s angelic interpretation. Guiding the piano’s keys with effortless grace, she leads us through a hauntingly beautiful rendition, recorded within the hallowed halls of London’s historic Asylum Chapel, where she’s joined by the haunting strains of a lone violinist.

Sage explains that ‘Deepest Dark’

“is one of two tracks on the album – the other being ‘Flowers For Free’ – that I mostly composed many years ago. Inspired by the characters in ‘Stranger Things’, the second verse fell out in response to the beautifully portrayed friendships depicted in the show. I essentially included it as a tribute to these indelible characters, whose loyalty to one another and profound connections across bizarre and fearsome obstacles became the cultural zeitgeist we all needed!”

Rachael Sage - "Deepest Dark (Reimagined)"

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