SINGLE: Rachael Sage Joins Forces With Crys Matthews On Heartwarming New Single, ‘Albatross (Reimagined)’

Rachael Sage’s Folk-Americana mastery has emerged once again with the release of ‘Albatross (Reimagined)’ ft Crys Matthews. Revealing another glimpse into the acoustic reimagined album ‘Another Side’, this sentimental duet recalls the simplicity of traditional ballads, showcasing the nature of 70s songwriting with its introspective lyrics and divine arrangement. 

SINGLE: Rachael Sage Reveals the Enchanting ‘The Place Of Fun (Reimagined)’ from Upcoming Album ‘Another Side’

Rachael Sage, the folk-Americana singer and multi-instrumentalist from New York, makes a diverse comeback with her upcoming project, ‘Another Side’, set to release on May 17th. This album offers a fresh interpretation of her 2023 release, ‘Other Side’, highlighting her versatility. The track ‘A Place Of Fun (Reimagined)’ is presented in its purest form, maintaining its status as an instant classic.

PREVIEW: Rachael Sage Reworked Album ‘Another Side’

On the hunt for a dynamic blend of 70s-esque folk and heartfelt Americana? Rachael Sage’s latest album, Another Side is just the right solution. The award-winning songwriter, arranger, poet and owner of MPressRecords has revealed a delicate, acoustic version of her 2023 studio album ‘Other Side.’ Combining an intricate, experimental new arrangement with nuanced acoustic instrumentation, ‘Another Side’ is an emotionally fuelled collective of carefully crafted folk-Americana destined to take the singer-songwriter’s musical journey to impressive new heights. 

NEW VIDEO: Rachael Sage Reveals New Video ‘Deepest Dark’

The remarkable poet-meets-songwriter Rachael Sage returns with the sweeping, heartfelt “Deepest Dark” from her full-length studio album “The Other Side”. A harmonious combination of gentle Americana, velvety vocals and thoughtful lyrics on friendship, this mellow number is a stand-out track. With a subtly melodic hook seeping throughout and stripped-back acoustic instrumentation, Sage is simplifying what she does best.