‘Holy Mother Of God’ – We Premiere The Latest Release From Greg Hoy & The Boys

We are very pleased to premiere ‘Holy Mother Of God’, the new single and video from Greg Hoy & The Boys. The first release from an upcoming 10 track LP that Hoy hopes to have out by this Christmas, the track takes its title from the opening lines of ‘Dance On A Volcano’, the first song on Genesis’ 1976 album, ‘A Trick Of The Tail’.

Sounding like the perfect blend of The Kinks, The Hives, and, appropriately, Phil Collins era Genesis, ‘Holy Mother Of God’ is sung from the point of view of Mother Earth, saddened by the departure of humanity from the planet. At the same time however, despite her sadness, she can’t help but feel liberated from the shackles humankind had subjected her to. The song, while being reflective, is also one which allows us to join in with the celebrations – indeed, Hoy himself has stated that the song is one of the exploration of escapism.

The music video takes a somewhat interesting approach to this. Directed by Carissa Johnson, who’s previously collaborated with Greg Hoy & The Boys on their ‘Demons At Night‘ clip, it centres around a Nun, performed by Ashley Wooley, as the personification of Mother Earth. Roaming around the beaches and streets of the Bay Area of San Francisco, she mourns the loss of the Earth’s inhabitants, but, with the help of Greg Hoy & The Boys, she is able to become a whole new person, shedding the outward trappings of her religion, her habit, and instead embracing the music of the world around her. Shot in Pacifica, California, the video also features a live performance from the band, recorded at Winters Tavern, during The BEST Fest.

With Hoy staying hands-off during the production, the music video for “Holy Mother of God” is directed solely by Carissa Johnson, who previously collaborated with the band to co-direct the “Demons At Night” music video. The video is centered around a nun, played by Ashley Wooley, who wanders around the beaches and streets of the Bay Area. The nun serves as the personification of Mother Earth, who is mourning the loss of her inhabitants. With the help of Greg Hoy & The Boys, she transforms into a new person, ditching her religious garb and embracing the music of the world around her. The video was shot in Pacifica, CA, featuring a live performance by the band at Winters Tavern during The BEST Fest.

The upcoming album, which will include ‘Holy Mother Of God’, will be a mini rock opera of sorts, focusing on the concept of a couple leaving Earth to populate Mars, in order to save the human race. It came about a few years ago, when Greg Hoy & The Boys travelled one summer, with their equipment, to Greg’s cabin on Lake Superior, Minnesota. They recorded a rough cut of 10 tracks, which Hoy hopes to have finished by the fall this year, and out in time for Christmas.

Check out the video for ‘Holy Mother Of God’ below, and let us know what you think! You can find out more about Greg Hoy & The Boys online on Greg’s official website, and Linktree.

Greg Hoy & The Boys - Holy Mother of God (Official Music Video)

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