We’re Sitting In The ‘Front Row’ With The Premiere Of Yafania’s New Single, Out Today

Yafania might still only be 18 years old but she certainly has talent beyond her years, and we’re proud to premiere her debut single, ‘Front Row’.

Premiere: May Fall Is ‘Under Cover’ With Latest Release Out Today

May Fall, whose sound falls within indie, synth, and alt-pop, today releases his new single, ‘Under Cover’.

Premiere: Powerhouse Vocalist Morgan Hudson Releases Laid Back And Compelling Single And Video, ‘Lonely Together’, Featuring Lonnie Britton

With ‘Lonely Together’, a laid back drawl of a track, Morgan Hudson matches her vocals with Lonnie Britton; her emotive, yet smooth voice, the perfect partner to his baritone, with its earnest and emphatic southern drawling baritone.

‘Holy Mother Of God’ – We Premiere The Latest Release From Greg Hoy & The Boys

We are very pleased to premiere ‘Holy Mother Of God’, the new single and video from Greg Hoy & The Boys. The first release from an upcoming 10 track LP that Hoy hopes to have out by this Christmas, the track takes its title from the opening lines of ‘Dance On A Volcano’, the first song on Genesis’ 1976 album, ‘A Trick Of The Tail’.

Premiere: Terri Bannister Finds Profound Inspiration In The Transformative Power Of Music With ‘Visitation’

In her new single, ‘Visitation’, which we are proud to premiere today, Terri Bannister combines relatable life experiences with Biblical narratives, using her talent for storytelling to lead to spiritual connection. Terri finds peace in her faith in times of uncertainty, and her music reflects this, conveying a message of believing in the power of faith to sustain and uplift the soul.

Premiere: Northampton Singer-Songwriter Maddox Jones Releases Single ‘Change My Number’

Northampton singer-songwriter Maddox Jones is emerging from the shadows with anthemic new single ‘Change My Number’, an emotionally-fuelled portrait of a personal voyage from heartbreak to self-belief. Out on April 12th via Radikal Records, the track serves as a monumental addition to the singer-songwriter’s acclaimed discography, striking the beginning of his next musical chapter. 

Premiere: Maryland Artist devoN Nickoles Is No Longer Chasing That ‘Gold Star’ With Her New Single

Based in Maryland, rising artist devoN Nickoles fuses her inspirations into her very own style with new single, ‘Gold Star’.

Premiere: Michael V. Doane Inspires Us To Follow Our Dreams With Upbeat New Single And Video, ‘LET’S GO!’

The absolute powerhouse that is Michael V. Doane shows us why he has such a devoted fanbase with his inspirational new track and video, ‘LET’S GO!’. The upbeat track has a fun country vibe while at the same time bringing the very welcome message that if we follow our dreams we’ll lift up not just ourselves, but those around us as well.

Premiere: Belle VEX Isn’t A Puppet On A String With New Release, ‘Nobody, But Me’

Bridgeport Connecticut artist, Belle VEX does his vibrant hometown proud with new single, ‘Nobody, But Me’. With a grand departure from the stereotypical luxury lifestyle so favoured by the music industry, Belle VEX remains his authentic self, while incorporating his personal experiences and emotions into his craft.

Premiere: Multifaceted Artist Meresha Returns With New Single, ‘Better’

Essentially Pop is proud to premiere ‘Better’, the new single from Meresha.

Premiere: Benjamin Race Brings Pitch Perfect 80s Sound With Inspiring New Single, ‘Memories’, Featuring Donna Odain

UK soul producer, Benjamin Race, in his new single, ‘Memories’, he perfectly captures the RnB vibe of the 1980s – the sound is note for note something you’d expect to hear during the glory days of MTV and Solid Gold.

Premiere: Long Time Indie Rocker Eddie Cohn Shows There’s Still Angels Among Us With Stunning Release, ‘Who Or What I Was Before’

Eddie Cohn’s latest single and video, ‘Who Or What I Was Before’, rocks straight out of the gate, with a drumbeat that doesn’t stop, along with strident guitars that support his expressive vocals and heartfelt lyrics.