We’re Sitting In The ‘Front Row’ With The Premiere Of Yafania’s New Single, Out Today

Yafania might still only be 18 years old but she certainly has talent beyond her years, and we’re proud to premiere her debut single, ‘Front Row’.

Yafania discovered early on how to be true to herself, and this hardworking perfectionist found music to be the best way to share her inmost thoughts and feelings. With a well-crafted pop-rock sound, and honeyed vocals, Yafania launches her musical career with a bold statement filled with power and solidarity. ‘Front Row’ sees Yafania as the biggest fan and most staunch supporter of the one she loves. She calls the listener to action, encouraging them to stand by their loved ones, through all the ups and downs of their relationship.

‘Front Row’ offers a catchy blend of pop melodies and hooks, combined with deep, soulful lyrics. It’s a debut single like no other, and promises plenty more where that came from.

The music video for ‘Front Row’ is no less well-crafted than the song itself. We see Yafania walking through the beautiful scenery near her home in Vancouver, British Columbia, as she makes her way to the horse stables, where she has a negative interaction with a stableman. Despite this, she knows she’s the bigger person, and she surrounds herself with the horses, freeing her from her troubles. A dinner with the other staff at the stables makes her feel even worse than before, and she decides to take action, packing her bags and leaving with her horse, free from the toxic atmosphere.

Watch the music video for ‘Front Row’ below, and find out more about Yafania and her music online on her official website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Yafania - ”Front Row” (Official Music Video)

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