Michael V. Doane Speaks To Us About His Musical Influences, Latest Single, ‘Let’s Go!’, And How Billie Jean King Inspired Him

Back in March we wrote about Michael V. Doane’s inspirational song, ‘Let’s Go!‘ so now we can give to you some insight into what has inspired the man himself.

Who are some of your biggest music influences? 

I still have my hand-written Casey Kasem American Top 40 Countdowns from way back when I was a little kid who worshipped those 3 hours every Sunday on my radio, so my musical influences are all over the map. That being said, I’ve always been drawn to big, soulful, sorrowful voices of many different genres including Aretha, Charlie Rich, Paul Rodgers, Robert Plant, K.T. Oslin, Streisand, Dan Fogelberg, Pavarotti, Wynonna, Jennifer Holliday, Pat Benatar. 

How did you find your knack for being creative in so many different ways? How do you balance them in your career? 

I’ve always been a chameleon sort-to-speak. I was John Merrick in The Elephant Man, acted at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, wrote a stage musical, sang back-up for Irene Cara’s re-recording of Flashdance (What A Feeling), etc. But now there’s no bigger challenge than trying to find time to be creative while raising twin babies. Before they were born, I played out all the time, recorded music whenever I had songs ready, did video after video, etc, but now it takes a full-scale plan to set aside the time. 

Could you tell us a bit about your creative process? How do you approach writing music? 

It’s kind of a cliche I guess but songs just usually happen very organically – there’s no exact approach to it for me. Almost always it’s me walking down the street and a groove or hook comes into my head, so I grab my phone, press Voice Memos, and sing! 

What was the inspiration behind ‘Let’s Go!’? 

The song and the video came to me very easily, that’s when you know your heart is truly in it. When I lost my parents many years back, only 13 days apart, it changed me. It made me look at time more deeply. I took care of them and they both had regrets at the end – that they had let time pass without going for whatever it was that made them tick. So “Let’s Go!” let me correct that for them a little bit. 

What is the main takeaway you want fans to leave ‘Let’s Go!’ with? 

That time is precious and no matter what, you have to “get up and go!” for whatever it is that makes you happy. 

What was the experience like shooting the ‘Let’s Go!’ music video?

I had never worked with Scene City Arts before, and it was pure pleasure. I came into the shoot prepared and they grooved with it all and together we made it happen. I love Ivan and Sofia – my “Beavers” I call them. They’re total pros and super sweet. And then to have the most awesome talent with me, including Richard Sexton and Karen Lee, who is a dear friend and a phenomenal actress. I had directed her in a play many years ago so for her to be in the video was a total blessing. 

What advice would you offer to newer artists looking to break through?

I once met Billie Jean King at the airport and she autographed the back of my ticket “Go. For. It!” And that’s exactly what I would tell anyone who wants to create and be heard. 

What can fans look forward to next from you?

Since my twins were born, I’ve been filming little videos of them playing with their stuffed animals and dolls – singing songs, doing silly skits, etc – so I’m working on creating a YouTube channel for kids. Hopefully, we’ll be ready for the holiday season.

You can watch the music video for ‘LET’S GO!’ below, and find out more about Michael V. Doane and his music online on his official websiteYouTubeFacebookTwitterInstagram, and TikTok.

Michael V. Doane - Let's Go! (Official Music Video)

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