PREMIERE: Stacey Jackson ‘Urgent’

It feels like we’re going back in time, in more aspects than one. And we’re here for it. The fashion comeback of the 90s low-rise jeans and musical reinvention of the 80s trends are serving nostalgia and a new respect for dance music. 

A big 80s music advocate, Stacey Jackson transforms The Foreigner’s hit ‘Urgent’ into a current-day smash. ‘Urgent’ has the energy to fuel any high or low-intensity workout and make you dance until the lights get back on. 

‘Urgent’ is taken from Stacey Jackson’s upcoming project due to be released later this year. She stays consistent with her releases as well as the theme. As a woman of many talents, TV presenter, and entrepreneur, Jackson also hosts her own show ‘Stacey Jackson In The 80s’. 

With a new record on the horizon, Jackson talks about the inspiration behind the new single ‘Urgent’: “I’m so excited to put out a brand-new dance record this summer! With most of the world opened up again, I think people are geared up to dance and party, so I thought it would be fun to create a dance track of a record that holds a special place in my heart. My originals are largely inspired by 1980s songs — given that I grew up in that era. I love the band Foreigner for many reasons, and I especially love ‘Urgent,’ which originally came out when I was 12!”

She continues: “But I specifically chose that song because I wanted to make the people on the dance floor this summer feel the way I felt when it first came out in 1981. I love the melody, and I’m super pumped up to perform it this summer at festivals and prides”. 

Stacey Jackson’s new single, ‘Urgent,’ is out now. 

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