We Catch Up With D. Watkins Over Some ‘Slow Wine’

Specialising in RnB and hip hop, the multi-talented D. Watkins impressed us earlier this month with his new single, ‘Slow Wine’, so we asked him a few questions about his music and career.

What made you want to become a musician?

When I was 4 I was watching this video tape called Moonwalker, and saw Michael Jackson performing on stage. Ever since that day I have been pursuing my music career.

Are there any other genres you would like to experiment with in the future?

Honestly since doing my latest song Slow Wine I have been wanting to get more into the afrobeat world. I love the sound of the drums and chord progressions in the afrobeat genre.

How do you usually overcome creative blocks when writing music?

I don’t think about it. I try to write out as many lyrics as possible even if it doesn’t make sense and then come back with a fresh mind and rearrange them to fit the song. 

Could you tell us about your latest release, ‘Slow Wine’?

Yes, it’s a smooth R&B afrobeat fusion song that I really love because it’s sexy, a little aggressive with the drums and overall a fun song to listen to. 

What line from ‘Slow Wine’ holds the most personal meaning to you?

Slow wine for me slow wine for me! I would say the hook because it kinda commands the listener to dance to the music. 

What was the inspiration behind the ‘Slow Wine’ music video?

I wanted to do a more classy video instead of an urban one for my fans. I like to switch up my style so you never can guess my next video. I tried to put as many cultures as possible in the video for everyone to be able to relate to it.

What has been your proudest moment as an artist so far?

Me receiving a plaque for my song ‘Back To My Room’, Over 500,000 streams on Spotify gold record. 

What can fans look forward to next from you?

New album called ‘Frequency’, and shows.

Watch the music video for ‘Slow Wine’ below, and find out more about D. Watkins and his music online on his official websiteYouTubeInstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

D. Watkins - Slow Wine (Official Music Video)

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