How To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Show Tickets!

Trying to get concert tickets is super stressful, we know all too well. There’s always the chance that you’ll end up without any because of how quick they sell out and how many people are trying their best to get some. We have rounded up some tips on how you can increase your chances!


Pre-sale is super important, sign up for the e-newsletters/retailers to increase your chances. If you have O2, they have a presale code you can bag yourself to get pre-sale tickets – download the Priority tickets app and you’re on your way.

Submit Your  Details To The Ticket Retailer In Advance

Make sure to submit your details to the ticket retailers in advance. Some retailers, such as Ticketmaster, or Ticketweb, for example, allow you to sign up for an account and add your payment details in advance, which saves you a lot of time as you only get 30 minutes to submit these details before getting locked out.

To make everything as smoothly as possible, make sure you know which retailer will have the tickets, and sign up. In fact, it’s a good idea to have accounts with as many ticket retailers as you can think of!

Follow The Retailer On Twitter

Often big-ticket agencies tweet the latest ticket status, so you know if tickets are still available or if they ave already sold out. They’ll announce any extra dates too so turn their notifications on as well!

Website Tabs 

We’ve all been there -the ticket retailer’s website crashes as soon as the queue opens and you’re locked out! To improve your chances of getting that all important space in the queue, open your internet browser the night before tickets go on sale, leaving your computer in sleep mode. Open a new tab for each retailer you plan to queue with.

DO NOT Refresh The Page!!

No matter how impatient you are to see where you’re placed in the queue, DO NOT hit refresh – you’ll find yourself pushed back further in the queue. If you are using Ticketmaster, it will automatically do this for you. And try to use more than one device or, better yet, multiple people on different accounts.

Look Out For Competitions

If you’re unsuccessful, some artists/radio stations/fans run competitions to win these tickets all over social media, so make sure to enter these to be in with a chance to get the tickets.

Resale Tickets

Ticketmaster now offers its own fan-to-fan resale service. It’s verified by Ticketmaster and is easy to access on every event page, right at the top. Stubhub and Twickets are also good places to get resale tickets. Some people may want to sell their tickets as they may have bought too many or situations have changed, to make sure they are legit, you can ring up the place this person got tickets from.

Next time you are wanting to buy some tickets, follow these tips to be in with a better chance of bagging some tickets! Let us know how it went!

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