GaREE All Takes Up A New Career With His Spoken Word Track, ‘Mother Tough’

GaREE All is a bit of a polymath. He’s already had a successful career as a professor of political science, and then, during IT’s early years, he became a specialist in that field. He followed that up as an administrator and professor of computer information technology, and now, following his retirement from academia, he’s decided on a different career path – that of singer-songwriter and entertainer, and content creator.

GaREE All was born and raised in the Greater St Louis region, and watched the social landscape change before his very eyes as a child of the mid-twentieth century. He read Keroauac’s ‘On The Road’, and devoured Bob Dylan’s music – and was deeply aware of how much “the times they are a changin”. He nonetheless found rhyme and reason in academia, yet all the while keeping a habit of writing and storytelling in his back pocket. All those stories he wrote down, filled with nuanced perspective from a life of multifaceted experience, GaREE has picked up his pen again, this time to express his heart in song.

By way of acoustic ballads, beat-poet raps, and spoken word musings, GaREE’s eclectic catalogue pays homage to the diverse range of influences and interests he’s met along the way.

GaREE All’s new single, ‘Mother Tough’, is an inspiring tribute to mothers everywhere. He was raised by a single mother himself, and saw firsthand just how much grit and determination it takes. Over a driving funky electro-pop beat, created by GaREE himself, he rhythmically raps out a portrait of the type of mother who loves with strength and care: a “street hackin, beat crackin, heat-packin” type of Mum who calls you out for mistakes at the same time she’s calling you in for dinner.

Of course, it’s to be expected that not only did GaREE write and produce ‘Mother Tough’ himself, he also directed and edited its accompanying music video. Piecing together a wide range of people and places, the clip tells the story of every mother-child relationship. There’s nods to his lyrics in each scene, while at the same time universalising the experience of motherhood. If you’ve got a Mother, or you’re a Mother yourself, join GaREE and rap along to the lyrics.

Check out the music video for ‘Mother Tough’ below, and find out more about GaREE All and his music online on his official website, and Instagram.

GaREE All - Mother Tough (Official Music Video)

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