Tanjier – ‘Crave’

A fresh new sound comes from Irish artists, Tanjier, and their forthcoming single, ‘Crave’, set for release on January 30.

Based in Dublin, Tanjier have refined and enhanced their sound over the past year, drawing comparisons to the likes of Wild Youth, but taking their inspiration from artists such as Sigrid, and LANY.
‘Crave’ is the follow up to their single, ‘Lights’, and is a slightly disco-flavoured track, with more than a little bit of a SoCal vibe to it. The vocals are set against an upbeat, very catchy and eminently danceable synth-driven instrumental, with soaring BVs. We can’t put our finger exactly on who it reminds us of, but it’s enough for us to say that we have enjoyed the fiercely energetic ‘Crave’ immensely.
Tanjier’s lead singer Tommy was writing songs in his bedroom when he overheard an argument coming from the next room. The overheard snippets became ‘Crave’, a song about love gone seriously wrong.
Speaking of the track, Tommy says,
“It’s a song that needed angry lyrics, and through some weird divine intervention, the perfect lyrics were delivered there and then.”
You can find out more about Tanjier online on their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Breaking Tunes, YouTube, and Instagram. Stream their music on Spotify and SoundCloud.
‘Crave’ is out on January 30.
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