Corey Taylor Releases New Song ‘Post Traumatic Blues’

Yesterday, on July 11th, rock artist Corey Taylor released his latest single, ‘Post Traumatic Blues’, for his soon-to-come album, ‘CMF2’. This will be Taylor’s second solo album in his 30-year career – a career where he has gained worldwide recognition for working with Slipknot and Stone Sour. Taylor seeks to demonstrate his own style of music which he couldn’t do with either of his bands, and expand upon his work in his first solo album, ‘CMFT’, which released nearly 3 years ago in October 2020.

The Iowa native has a three-decade long history in the music industry, originally starting with him forming Stone Sour in 1992. However, Stone Sour did not release an album until 10 years later, due to Taylor leaving the band in favour of joining Slipknot. Despite a tumultuous history with plenty of conflict between members of the band, Slipknot and Taylor have done incredibly well, releasing 3 consecutive chart-topping between 2008-2019. Stone Sour has also done well in its own right, with all but one of their albums reaching the top 10 on Billboard. After all this group success, Taylor now seeks to focus more on his individual career with ‘CMFT’ and ‘CMF2’, starting with the singles ‘Beyond’ and ‘Post Traumatic Blues’.

The song itself is a hard rock anthem like many other of Taylor’s songs, with the instrumentation and vocals following the trend he set for himself with his first album, “CMFT”. However, the lyrics discuss a topic closer to his heart – suffering from PTSD and the traumatic events that cause it. The way he dealt with these events shaped the person that Taylor is today, for better or for worse, and has changed his career greatly. Overall, the song not only serves as a great piece to listen to, but as a dive into the thought process of one of the world’s most famous rock artists, and a topic that anyone can sympathise with regardless of what kind of person they are.

Listen to “Post Traumatic Blues” here and pre-order/pre-save “CMF2” here.

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