Megan O’Neill Set To Release New Single ‘Devil You Know’

Every singer, whatever the quality of their catalogue, has a single that takes them into a different place, away from the legions of loyal fans that will adoringly turn up to every gig, away from the followers that hang on every social media post.

Having heard this live a few weeks ago, it felt like this was that single for Megan O’Neill, a real show stopper. Looking around myself at the singer’s headline gig at Green Note in London a few weeks ago, when the world seemed a less crazy place, as she sang ‘Devil You Know’ it was clear that, even on first listen, this release takes Megan to a new level.

Written with Jake Morell, who himself is a rising star of UK country music, it’s a song about that moment in a long term relationship when things go past the can’t keep your hands off each other phase and enter the phase when you can almost become like “ships that pass in the night” resulting in a question of whether the grass is greener outside the relationship or whether it’s better the “devil you know”. You’ll just have to listen to find out where the song goes!

I remember the first time I heard Maren Morris’ sing ‘My Church’, a song which catapulted her and that album to a worldwide stage, and this song feels like that moment to me with Megan O’Neill. This artist has everything that is required to be a huge country star; she has the voice, she has a loyal fan base, she writes excellent songs but I really feel this song could be the one that takes her to that important next level of recognition.

As a fan, I’ll be sad to lose Megan to the worldwide audience her music deserves, but it is time and this song will be the catalyst. I urge you to listen and discover one of our brightest country stars.

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