Corey Taylor Teases ‘CMF2’ Further With Latest Single ‘Talk Sick’

On Wednesday, legendary vocalist, guitarist and lyricist Corey Taylor released the third single, ‘Talk Sick’, from his second solo album, ‘CMF2’. After recording ‘We Are Not Your Kind’ with Slipknot, which received widespread critical acclaim, Taylor chose to focus on his individual career, recording and releasing his first solo album, titled ‘CMFT’, in 2020. Now, he’s soon to follow it up with the sequel, which releases in mid September.

Alice Cooper Builds Up Hype To 22nd Solo Album

The legendary singer has been active through 7 decades, from the 60s to the 20s, and even at the age of 75, continues to release brilliant material, including the latest single, ‘Welcome to the Show’, which is the 3rd single off his latest highly-anticipated release, ‘Road’. Featuring his touring band, a quintet of rock specialists, Cooper has spent the last few months hard at work recording the album while touring, and we can finally see the fruits of his and his band’s labour when ‘Road’ releases come August 25th.

Corey Taylor Releases New Song ‘Post Traumatic Blues’

Yesterday, on July 11th, rock artist Corey Taylor released his latest single, ‘Post Traumatic Blues’, for his soon-to-come album, ‘CMF2’. This will be Taylor’s second solo album in his 30-year career – a career where he has gained worldwide recognition for working with Slipknot and Stone Sour. Taylor seeks to demonstrate his own style of music which he couldn’t do with either of his bands, and expand upon his work in his first solo album, ‘CMFT’, which released nearly 3 years ago in October 2020.