Alice Cooper Builds Up Hype To 22nd Solo Album

The legendary singer has been active through 7 decades, from the 60s to the 20s, and even at the age of 75, continues to release brilliant material, including the latest single, ‘Welcome to the Show’, which is the 3rd single off his latest highly-anticipated release, ‘Road’. Featuring his touring band, a quintet of rock specialists, Cooper has spent the last few months hard at work recording the album while touring, and we can finally see the fruits of his and his band’s labour when ‘Road’ releases come August 25th.

Vincent Furnier, now known as Alice Cooper, has a career that can’t be summed up in one paragraph (but I’ll do my best). In 1964, a 16-year old Furnier took part in a letterman’s talent show at his high school, gathering future band mates Glen Buxton and Dennis Dunaway to perform with him – this is regarded as the start of Furnier’s 60-year long history in music. The band was known as the Earwigs originally, then the Spiders, then Nazz, then finally named themselves Alice Cooper in 1968, a name reportedly chosen with the help of an Ouija board. Because Furnier was the frontman for Cooper, he was usually referred to as Alice Cooper – so much so that he eventually changed his legal name to Alice Cooper in 1969. The band debuted in the same year, and later topped the charts in 1973 with ‘Billion Dollar Babies’. They broke up soon after then, with Cooper the individual releasing his first of two dozen (so far) albums, ‘Welcome To My Nightmare’, in 1975. Since then, he has become a household name, and continues to make music with his new solo band, including his latest work – ‘Road’, and its most recent single, the brilliant track, ‘Welcome To The Show’.

The aptly named track gets its name from Cooper, who describes it as ‘telling the audience the show is ready to go’. Produced by longtime friend Bob Ezrin and featuring his solo band mates on the backing track, Cooper’s latest track continues his iconic gritty, old school sound that brought him so much fame in the 70s, with a modern touch added to the song to create a brilliant mix for anyone to listen to. This is just one snippet of Cooper’s new album – the whole thing will be available soon, on August 25th. For now, you can listen to the track through the video included below. Stay tuned for more updates on ‘Road’.

Welcome to the Show

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