We Speak With Pure Order About ‘Golden Glass’, And Working With Abstract Rude

Pure Order have been on our radar for a while now, and so we asked them a few questions about their music, latest release, ‘Golden Glass‘, and working with Abstract Rude.

How has growing up in SoCal influenced your style of music?

For me, Nemesis, growing up in SoCal in the early 2000s deeply impacted what rhythms I was exposed to such as the funk and soul of Parliament which Dre turned into a West Coast monument. I was moved by what my parents listened to. What gave them peace while they struggled to raise me while keeping up with the demands of living in LA. The Gap Band, Isley’s, Earth Wind & Fire.. all these layers and melodic inflections gave me a ground to feel music from which allowed me to evolve as a listener and curator of music to where I developed an affinity for House, Trance, Trip Hop & World music. That rings in my creativity now as I write & arrange hooks and sections that reflect the wide range of creative inflections from my soulful yet eclectic foundations in L.As a young child, and in the inland empire where I spent most of my teen years.

For God’s Gift: “Thanks to my parents, I never fell into the Westside street activities that I grew up around. Being introduced to writing poetry when I was 7 years old gave me a way to process everything I grew up seeing.”

What made you want to become a musician?

Nemesis wanted to expand her creative curiosities in seeking solace from the emotional turmoil in her family. When I found God’s Gift, I realized I had the support I needed to break through my fears and shyness and perform my art. It was one of the most liberating moves I ever made, and I continue to grow into it without looking back.

Gift says “When I was 10, listening to Kurtis Blow, Whodini and Grandmaster Flash & the Furious 5 made me love hip hop. But, it was seeing my cousin Damon’s freestyle that made me believe I could rap too. So by the time I met super producers Madlib, Kankick, Oh No, and the rest of my CDP Crew fam in high school, making music became something that I had to do.”

Could you tell us a bit about your creative process? Where do you usually find yourself getting inspiration?

We are inspired by our in-depth discussions on our observations of the natural world through science, mathematics, and ancient wisdom such as that found in the Bible. From these riveting discussions we find metaphors for truths that inspire us to depict them in lyrical and visual concepts that we expect will “move the crowd” as Rakim said.

Could you tell us about ‘Golden Glass’?

The beat was produced by a genius from Oxnard, Crate Digger’s Palace fame, Doctor NO! The hypnotic psychedelic rhythm provided the structure for the vibe Nemesis wrote into the hook which was meant to be a sensual stab; a relatable, retainable, get-stuck-in-your-head attraction that would make the lyrical display in the verses go off like a fireworks show.

What is the main thing you want fans taking away from ‘Golden Glass’? Is there any part of the song that holds the most personal meaning to you?

Golden Glass is a metaphor for knowledge being a luxurious treasure; a thought in radical contrast to the prevailing disregard or ridicule for intelligence in entertainment today. Golden Glass is a statement that knowledge is not only powerful but sexy and intriguing.

What was the working with Abstract Rude? How did the collaboration initially form?

We met Abstract through our producer Doctor NO! aka Oh No the Disrupt. They had been on projects together in the past and Oh No thought he would be a great fit to rap with us. Working with Abstract Rude was a treasure to us. His lyrical skill as well as his care about the art of lyricism endeared us in admiration of each other as artists. This fueled our hype for releasing this gem, seeing it as one of our most eye-opening lyrical performances recorded. We reconnected with Ab Rude once the master came back from our engineer DJ Romes, and we set out to market this as partners in the true art of lyricism and in celebration of the unique approach and feel of this song, by shooting a video directed by DirtyDiggs.

What advice would you offer to younger artists looking to break out?

Our advice to artists getting started is to love what you do. Love yourself as a person and as an artist. Have fun every step of the winding road. Love the process. Love the product you make. That love determines your work’s potential. And the potential isn’t determined within the first day of its release or even how it is received by the first friends you show your finished product to. The potential is embedded like a seed and will sprout & blossom gradually…when you LOVE it!

What can we expect next from you?

You can expect Pure Order to drop their first album this year, produced entirely by Doctor NO! With more heavy-hitting lyricists featured who are widely and fondly recognized by the Hip Hop world & beyond! Nemesis will drop her first solo album “Carnal Spirit”, also produced by Doctor NO! God’s Gift will then commence a CDP reunion of sorts by dropping an album also produced by his comrade from Lootpack/CDP/Funk Farm days, Doctor NO! In the meantime, we have singles we will be dropping every couple of weeks to serve as delectable appetizers to raise the hype leading up to these monumental projects we are so excited to release this year!

Check out the music video for ‘Golden Glass’ below, and find out more about Pure Order and their music online on BandcampYouTubeFacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Pure Order "Golden Glass" ft Abstract Rude (Official Music Video)

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