Trvy &The Enemy Drop ‘Matthew McConaughey’ Ahead Of Their New Album, ‘Choose Your Enemy’.

Out today, ‘Matthew McConaughey’ is the opening track from Trvy & The Enemy’s new album, ‘Choose Your Enemy’.

A catchy, vibrant, almost psychedelic track, it’s long and tall, the sonic manifestation of the man himself. You’re not going to be able to stop yourself listening – it’s one of those songs that you listen to over and over, and find something different each time.

For example, listening for the fourth time, I’m hearing beyond the thrumming drumbeat, jangling guitars, jazzy keys, and catching onto the almost ethereal sound effects that have been dropped in. There’s sort of spacey sounds, whirrs and pops, and whistles and the like; nothing is out of place or extraneous, it’s like an added extra – an Easter Egg, if you like.

All the while you’ve got Trvy, whose vocals are gruff and gravelly, while at the same time, somehow managing to sound like he’s smiling the whole way through. He’s got a certain energy that grabs hold of the listener, and pulls them onto their feet. Dance? Oh yeah you’ll dance.

Trvy & The Enemy are out of Athens, Georgia, where they blend elements of trap music and psych rock, coming together in that sonic experience I mentioned earlier, the added extras. Their trademark is high energy fun, with Trvy their front man, who’s been making a name for himself as a solo-artist over the past few years, and several self-released albums to his name. Rising out of Georgia’s underground hip-hop scene, Trvy has a very special skillset when it comes to writing lyrics and taking command of the stage – the end result being widespread recognition, and a ride or die dedicated fanbase.

‘Choose Your Enemy’, their new album, is set to drop on May 31, and follows on from their debut self-titled EP, which came out last year. If you like ‘Matthew McConaughey’, you’re going to love the rest of it.

Check out ‘Matthew McConaughey’ below, and find out more about Trvy & The Enemy and their music online on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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