Rachael Sage Graces Blue Rock Studio’s Performing ‘The Other Side’

In March 2024, celebrated songwriter Rachael Sage graced the SXSW Festival with a mesmerising performance of her track ‘The Other Side’ during a “micro session” at the legendary Blue Rock Studio in Austin. The session has now been mixed and released for all to see.

Sage, a revered figure in the folk-Americana scene, performed ‘The Other Side’ on the studio’s acoustic piano, accompanied by East Coast guitarist Kevin J. Killen and local percussionist/producer Katie Marie, known for her work with Sophie B. Hawkins. Her delicate but breathtaking lyrics and vocals shine brightly in the studio setting. The intimate set was attended by a select group of guests who enjoyed the performance from the comfort of the studio control room.

Speaking on the performance, Sage shared,

“I’ve always wanted to record at Blue Rock Studios in Austin, TX and it was such a treat to finally have that opportunity! My new friend Katie Marie – who is a remote collaborator on my album ‘Another Side’ – invited me to be part of their ‘micro sessions’ during SXSW Festival and of course, I jumped at the opportunity! They have a whole bunch of gorgeous instruments and vintage equipment there, including one of the loveliest pianos I’ve ever played… so it was an absolute pleasure.”

Mixed and edited by Grammy® Nominee Mikhail Pivovarov, this intimate live performance perfectly captures Sage’s delicate vocals and dynamic musicianship, enabling the listener to focus on some of her most inclusive and aspirational lyrics to date.

The performance arrives as a precursor to Sage’s forthcoming album, ‘Another Side’, a reimagined take of her studio album ‘The Other Side’. The track symbolises various facets of life, while the album itself delves deeper into heartfelt themes, showcasing Sage’s masterful vocal delivery and nuanced acoustic arrangements. Her acclaimed songwriting shines brightly, championing her honeyed voice as the driving force behind each song. With raw, emotional honesty, this stripped-down presentation of Sage’s sublime collection will leave listeners truly captivated.

"The Other Side" Live at Blue Rock Studio

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