Mba Shakoor – ‘Our DJ Love and Remembrance’

With music for his passion, Mba Shakoor has managed to fight his way through life’s storms, and come out the other side a stronger and wiser man. His latest single, ‘”Our DJ” Love And Remembrance’ tells the heartbreaking story of how he has come to accept the loss of his partner in crime, his brother, Salat “DJ’ Shakoor.

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As children Mba and DJ wrote poetry about anything that was on their minds, and then one day DJ suggested Mba should learn to play piano. This led to their first single, ‘Do Or Die’, a battle song, proclaiming the statement that, regardless of the fact they were barely teenagers, they have chosen music as their path, and they would push themselves to achieve their goals until the day they die.
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Their first official release, ‘Shock Treatment’, in 2008, was about their move from East to West Coasts, and their realisation that they were starting from the bottom of the barrel in the music business. The pair released several more songs, over the years, until tragedy struck in the form of Salat’s death, leaving Mba with nothing but music and the goal of finishing what he and his brother had started. With tears down his face, at his brother’s funeral, Mba was overcome by such a power that he had to write down what was literally exploding out of his soul. This intense eruption of emotion became the lyrics for his new single,  ‘”Our DJ” Love And Remembrance’.
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This new single comes with a touching video detailing the impact that Salat Shakoor left on the people around him, especially his brother, Mba. Featured in the video is Los Angeles artist, Anna Cymerman, along with a large group of friends, family and fans to help chant the chorus,
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It’s hard to watch a good man go down
We gon’ keep that record spinning for you
You’ll always be our DJ.
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With his brother’s spirit as the wind at his back, Mba Shakoor will be fighting harder than ever to bring the positive musical message to the world.
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Love And Remembrance


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