Justin Roberts ft. Tydu Talbott – ‘Six Figures’

Justin Roberts became a social media mogul at the age of 16, and has worked his way up to the top of the viral streaming charts, as well as being at the forefront of one of the largest YouTube channels today, ‘Team 10’. He collaborates with Jake Paul, and dedicates his life to entertaining the youth of the world, while at the same time designating time to improve himself – ‘Everyday Bro’.

Justin Roberts is the epitome of dedication, with his motivation and hard work paying off in just 18 months, with recognition from the likes of Cardi B, and Drake. He’s now stepping into the musical side of YouTube, and has produced, with no label, no radio play, and no promoter – a bonafide worldwide hit.

Roberts started his YouTube channel just over a year ago and already has gained over 1.1 million subscribers, as well as 1.2 million Instagram followers. He hosts a YouTube series called, ‘Work In Progress’, where he chronicles his rise as a social media influencer, and even vlogging for 176 days. His single, ‘Six Figures’, was released as a celebration of his show, and is delivered in a tongue and cheek fashion.

YouTuber Shane Dawson made a docuseries about Jake Paul, and Justin Roberts’ ‘Six Figures’ became the theme song for one of the highest grossing videos of the year. The exposure ensured that the video raked in a mammoth five million YouTube views in no time at all, and reached the number 1 spot on the viral streaming charts. The video focuses on Justin’s world: chains, cars, girls, and an extremely wealthy four year old – “mini Jake Paul”. There’s catchy hooks and a thumping chorus, and although we might question if this is real or a parody, the truth is it’s a very self-aware look at the inside of Roberts’ head.

You can find out more about Justin Roberts online on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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