Jah Wobble and The Ukrainians

LIFE DURING WARTIME – Post-Punk Stars Raise Funds For Ukrainian Refugee Charities

Two luminaries of the post-punk movement are teaming up with a former Wedding Present guitarist to raise funds for refugees fleeing the conflict in Ukraine.

Original PIL bassist Jah Wobble and ex-Siouxsie and The Banshees axe-man Jon Klein are releasing Ukrainian National Anthem In Dub in collaboration with The Ukrainians, featuring former Weddoes’ guitarist Peter Solowka.

Solowka, along with bandmates Len Liggins and Roman Remeynes formed The Ukrainians following the success of the Wedding Present’s Ukrainian John Peel Sessions (Ukrayinski Vystupy v Johna Peela) in 1989.

The first Western band to produce a video entirely in Eastern Europe in 1991, they’ve since released five studio albums, in addition to various live albums and EPs.

They hooked up with Wobble – real name John Wardle – at the suggestion of his bass tech and the dub specialist roped in Klein and Anthony Hopkins (no, not the actor) to help bring the project to fruition.

The trio are involved with the Tuned In community music project in the London borough of Merton.

“We have built a recording studio there,” Wobble explains. “Indeed, at the moment, Anthony is involved in the process of the settlement of Ukrainian refugees coming in to the borough. It was a lot of fun putting the track together. And well done to Len and the rest of the band for initiating this.”

Produced, recorded and arranged by Wobble and Klein, all proceeds from the track  will go to two key charities helping Ukrainians forced to flee their homes in the wake of attacks by Russian forces.

Funds will go towards the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal and the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (AUGB) Help Ukraine Emergency Appeal.

Ukrainians’ singer Liggins says the money will go towards buying provisions, medical aid and clothing “for traumatised individuals and families whose situation is desperate beyond our understanding here in western Europe”.

“It’s important for us all to keep in mind too, that as reports of the invasion’s progress slip down the priority list on the national news, a great deal of support will still be needed by these refugees on an ongoing basis,” Liggins continues.

“Please don’t forget them just because you see less of them on your screens. Please continue to support them. The mass murders, cruel rapes and wanton destruction of Ukraine will continue while the TV cameras are pointing somewhere else.”

Ukrainian National Anthem In Dub

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