Impact Of K-Pop Music On Academic Performance

How does music influence your academic performance? Why would we associate K-Pop to your grades?

Most students assume that the music they like only influences their style. They wear clothes inspired by popular South Korean fashion. They get inspired for hair and makeup, too. This should be just another trend that comes and goes. Remember when teenagers used to be obsessed with hip-hop? We don’t see too much of that nowadays.

The influence of music doesn’t stop with fashion choices. Also, it’s not something that affects us for a limited period of time. When it influences an important period of our lives, its effects are extended.

Let’s talk about the positive and negative effects of K-Pop music on a student’s performance. The point is to bring awareness on the issue, so we’ll minimize the negatives and enhance the positive influence.

The Negative Effects of K-Pop Music on One’s Academic Performance

1. The K-Pop Industry Imposes a Financial Strain

This is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Students don’t just buy the albums. They also spend on t-shirts and other merchandise that’s not necessary for them. Concert tickets cost a lot of money, and lead to associated expenses such as travel, food, and accommodation.

Students already have troubles with budgeting. They have to spend money on textbooks, and pay bills. When they get obsessive over music, the monthly budget feels the strain. They may start spending less on their studies and more on their hobbies. Naturally, the grades will reflect the consequences that’s why sometimes it’s important to think of buying an essay from experts who will not let you down and can provide you with best works to improve your grades.

2. K-Pop Culture Leads to the Wrong Impression that Appearance Determines Success

This is the most serious negative effect that K-Pop stars have on young people. The biggest stars are being trained from a very young age. They enter a competitive industry, which imposes various standards for their outward appearance. Everything revolves around beauty, style, and money in their world.

When students are exposed to such values, they get the impression that education is not as important as they once assumed. K-Pop idols didn’t get famous because they did well in maths. The combination of moderate talent, great appearance, and hard training got them where they are. Many students can be driven off their educational journey when they get too inspired by those values.

What about the Positives?

3. Music Relaxes People

One of the main benefits of listening to metal music while studying is that it acts as a stress reliever. If we can say that about metal music, which is labelled as aggressive, it’s easy to realize that any kind of music that the student likes can have a relaxing effect.

Students can listen to any music they like.

We cannot tell them to listen to Mozart and other classics, and completely avoid pop culture. They are allowed to choose the musical style that they like.

K-Pop music is often misunderstood as superficial. It’s not. It’s an emotional outlet, just like any other music that you would recommend to a student to listen.

4. K-Pop Music Can Be Inspiring

If you ask professors to tell you what they think about K-Pop music, most of them will have negative opinions. They don’t understand it. Many of them are strongly attached to classics. Some still listen to the music from the ’70s.

But when you get deeper into K-Pop music, you’ll realize that it can be inspiring, too. Many tunes inspire students to work hard to achieve their dreams. Just take a look at the lyrics of ‘Breakthrough‘, by Twice. When a student struggles to write papers or study for the exams, that particular song can have an uplifting effect.

K-Pop stars may be focused on their appearance. However, we cannot deny that they have to work hard to achieve the lifestyle that they lead. They practice for hours every day, they stay consistent with their healthy eating and exercise habits, and they have great focus and determination.

Let’s Focus on the Positive Effects

There are teens who become obsessed with K-Pop music. They imitate their favourite stars. They want to be thin and fit as them. Such obsession can lead to eating disorders and depression.

However, we can talk about the same extremes when we discuss any other popular genre.

When we take our attention away from the extremes, we’ll realize that music, regardless of its genre, is only beneficial for students. It helps them bond with their friends. It’s a stress-relieving hobby, and students can benefit from it.

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