Keira Gray Debuts On The Scene With ‘Summer Lovin’ With You’

Yesterday, Canadian pop artist Keira Gray released her first ever single, titled ‘Summer Lovin’ With You’, on Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube. The songstress’s first piece is an energetic pop anthem detailing temporary relationships and the feelings they can bring to both people involved. Coming out of Faust, Alberta, Gray has always followed her emotions, something she displays in ‘Summer Lovin’ With You’.

The first forty seconds of the song give a brilliant first impression, with Gray’s awesome vocals overlapping on a synth melody (reminiscent of the intro to David Guetta’s ‘Titanium’), accompanied by a wide soundscape in the background. All this builds up to the drop, where the drums kick in and the song evolves into a traditional high-energy pop song. All throughout the song, Gray’s lyrics (credited to her and Brooke Gray Harris) detail the idea of a temporary romance, with the relationship with her partner slowly breaking apart due to small issues and problems blowing out of proportion, until it ends with them ‘giving it all up’ at the end of summer. It’s a message plenty of us can relate to in a way, whether we look back on the experience positively or negatively – and even those who haven’t gone through stuff like this can still sit down, have a listen, and enjoy the music, because Gray and producer Mike Schlosser has created a brilliant track here.

Gray’s new pop anthem is available on Spotify starting now – while you’re listening, you can also check out her Instagram, Bandcamp and YouTube while you’re at it. More updates from the up-and-comer will be available soon.

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