Irish Star CMAT Releases 4th Single, ‘Stay For Something’, From Upcoming Album, ‘CrazyMad, For Me’

Irish chart-topping folk and pop sensation Clara Mary-Alice Thompson, better known by her initials CMAT, has released her fourth single, ‘Stay for Something’, from her upcoming album, ‘CrazyMad, For Me’. Following a long, toxic relationship, a short hiatus from music, and coming to terms with the music industry’s nature, CMAT lets out all her emotions in the brilliant new song, out today, September 5.

Cash & Carter Set To Release ‘Americana (Letting Her Go)’

British duo Cash & Carter, comprising Birmingham artist Shaun Smith and London producer Ross O’Reilly, are set to release their most recent single, titled ‘Americana (Letting Her Go)’, on September 8th. The song, produced as a tribute to a friend who took their own life, is the first of many to be released from the duo’s upcoming debut EP, and is their first single since ‘All Of The Way’ earlier this year.

Pat Boone And Crystal Gayle Release Music Video For ‘You And I’

The 1982 chart-topping hit ‘You And I’ by Eddie Rabbitt and Crystal Gayle is getting a fresh coat of paint from not only Gayle herself, but famed Nashville singer Pat Boone as well. Serving as a tribute to Boone’s late wife, Shirley, who passed away in 2019, Boone’s spin on the legendary song is just one of twenty-five tracks featured on his epic upcoming album release, titled ‘Country Jubilee’, which releases September 8th.

Stefanie Passione Releases New Single, ‘Replaceable’

Earlier today, Australian pop singer/songwriter Stefanie Passione released her latest single, the brilliant new track, titled ‘Replaceable’, across streaming platforms. Following up her release of ‘Miss You’ earlier this year, in April, the single (her seventh song so far) touches on the emotions Passione has experienced through the past couple years, accompanied by an awesome backing track and soulful guitar melody.

Take A Preview Into SODA BLONDE’s Upcoming Second Album

One of the biggest names in the Irish alt-pop scene, Soda Blonde have been rising up the Emerald Isle charts for some time now. The group’s highly acclaimed 2021 full-length debut release, ‘Small Talk’, has gained millions of streams across multiple platforms, and has established the group as one of the best in the scene in the wake of the dissolution of Little Green Cars, the group’s chart-topping precursor. Soon, with the release of ‘Dream Big’, coming in September, the group are set to shoot even further up the charts.

BLACKPINK Release First Song Since Chart-Breaking Album ‘Born Pink’

Today, South Korean k-pop girl group BLACKPINK released their first song of 2023 so far – the hypnotic new single, titled ‘The Girls’. Following up the critical acclaim and success of ‘Born Pink’ would be a near-impossible task for anyone else, but if there’s any group that makes the impossible possible, then BLACKPINK fit that definition perfectly. The new single demonstrates exactly what’s made the group so successful over the past few years.