Molly Burman Releases EP ‘Worlds Within Worlds’

Last week, British-Irish singer/songwriter Molly Burman released her second EP, the brilliant six-track release, titled ‘Worlds Within Worlds’. Following up her 2021 debut release of ‘Fool Me With Flattery’, the new release has already received widespread critical acclaim for its high production quality and lyrical content, where Burman explores conversational topics such as sexuality, identity and emotions.

Burman debuted in 2018 with ‘Happy Things’ at age 17, but took a hiatus shortly after, not releasing another song until 2021. Despite the break from releases, Burman hadn’t fully taken the time off as a holiday, and at age 18, had written material that would later be seen on her 2021 five-track debut EP. Since the release of that debut, plenty has changed in the young songstress’s life, and she has become a queer icon in the indie pop scene throughout the years, gaining a small following for her music and the messages she sends. ‘Worlds Within Worlds’ isn’t just a brilliant EP, but also a way to spread that positive message.

Featuring a mix of new and previous material, with singles like ‘Potential’, ‘Beautiful People’ and ‘Pretty Girl’ rounding out a six-track lineup of awesome, upbeat indie pop songs. Smooth vocals from Burman accompanied by eclectic, genreless production (some of which is done by Burman’s father, a musician who worked with members of the Sex Pistols) mix together to create fifteen minutes of brilliance. The project hit shelves last week, and is available to stream through the Spotify link below.

Listen to ‘Worlds Within Worlds’ here.

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