Daniel Isaiah Releases Newest Single, ‘I’ve Got A Lot Riding On You’

Last month, on July 28th, indie artist Daniel Isaiah released his latest single, ‘I’ve Got A Lot Riding On You’, on major streaming platforms. Debuting in 2011, Isaiah has been hard at work ever since, touring around various venues in his home country of Canada and releasing a wide variety of singles and albums ever since, composing a rich discography in his decade-plus history in the industry, which he adds to with ‘I’ve Got A Lot Riding On You’.

Indie Pop Musician Liam Barrack Releases New Song ‘Tryin’

Last week, on the 30th of June, budding indie pop musician Liam Barrack released his latest song across multiple streaming platforms. The guitarist released his first song ‘Sick Kisses’ in December last year, which ended up getting tens of thousands of streams on Spotify and other platforms – now he follows it and another song (‘Bulletproof’) up with his third song – ‘Tryin’ – available now on Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music and other platforms.