Daniel Isaiah Releases Newest Single, ‘I’ve Got A Lot Riding On You’

Last month, on July 28th, indie artist Daniel Isaiah released his latest single, ‘I’ve Got A Lot Riding On You’, on major streaming platforms. Debuting in 2011, Isaiah has been hard at work ever since, touring around various venues in his home country of Canada and releasing a wide variety of singles and albums ever since, composing a rich discography in his decade-plus history in the industry, which he adds to with ‘I’ve Got A Lot Riding On You’.

The Montreal-based artist has had a passion for music since long before he released his first album, getting a feel for music production when he was young. Debuting with the 11-song EP ‘High Twilight’ in June 2011, Isaiah has been performing to the world ever since, touring through venues in Canada, while also releasing a large catalogue of music spanning 3 full length albums and singles, with the 12-year veteran’s latest single being the aforementioned track, ‘I’ve Got A Lot Riding On You’.

The main element of Isaiah’s latest single is a soothing piano melody that he found while experimenting with the instrument. Accompanied by crisp vocals and soulful lyrics, the song is an emotive medley that can move anyone emotionally. He also did his own artwork for the song (featured at the head of this article), which he has been doing since the winter of 2022 – a brilliant piece of art that fits the theme of the song perfectly. Daniel Isaiah has outdone himself with this song, and it deserves a good listen – you can listen to it through the link below.

Find Daniel’s social media and streaming platforms here (Linktree).

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