SMILEZ Asks If You Will Be His ‘Coffee Queen’ In Latest Pop Single

Hot on the heels of his single, ‘Mentally I’m Somewhere Else‘, from earlier this month, comes SMILEZ with his new single and video, ‘Coffee Queen’.

Upbeat and ferocious from the very start, ‘Coffee Queen’ from SMILEZ will have you rooting for the him and the object of his affections, no matter how much they might seem to be destined to fail. Using esoteric vocal techniques such as the telephone mic style made popular by the likes of GORRILAZ and The Strokes, along with fast paced guitar and a rampaging drumbeat, it seems that SMILEZ has a sure fire hit on his hands.

The music video certainly seems to imply that this is a hit as well – SMILEZ, dressed head to foot in his customary yellow, the clip shot in washed out colours of the desert – is shown drinking, what else, coffee, while singing of the girl of his dreams. It helps that she likes a cup of java too. She’s a queen however, sat on a gilded throne, regal in an orange dress split to the waist: she might be SMILEZ’s dream girl, but is he her ideal man?

‘Coffee Queen’, from SMILEZ’s debut album, ‘Ur In My World’, plays hard and fast with the artist’s love of punk and hip-hop, the guitar rampaging with the pace of his vocals more than a match. While his coffee queen dream girl might well be just that, the facts remain that SMILEZ is well and truly here to stay.

Watch the video for ‘Coffee Queen’ below, and find out more about SMILEZ and his music online on his official websiteFacebookTwitterInstagram, and TikTok.

SMILEZ - Coffee Queen (Official Music Video)

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