Irish-Palestinian Artist Roisin El Cherif Releases New Single ‘Daylight’

On July 28th, the brilliant Irish-Palestinian artist Roisin El Cherif released her newest single, ‘Daylight’, featuring fellow artist and childhood friend Yescene. The first single off her soon-to-be-released debut album, ‘Daylight’ is a pop anthem with some of El Cherif’s own unique elements thrown in, including her rich vocals and an atmospheric soundscape that’s almost hypnotic to listen along to.

Hailing from Galway, a city in the Emerald Isle, with Palestinian heritage, Roisin El Cherif first got her start in the music industry through music producer Ken Callait, who selected her for a songwriting workshop in Los Angeles. In this workshop, El Cherif created material that would later contribute to her debut EP, ‘Glass House’, which released in 2018. El Cherif’s background in film production influenced her music production process greatly, lending a great deal to her ethereal sound, which can’t be defined by any one genre, but settles under the broad definition of pop music – although not any specific kind. Along with the rest of her discography, ‘Daylight’ demonstrates this genreless sound perfectly.

Ever since El Cherif’s debut single, ‘Kerosene’, released in 2018, she’s had a knack for creating music that can only be described as experimental. This brilliant musical trend continues with ‘Daylight’, which combines traditional pop elements with El Cherif and Yescene’s awesome vocals and lyrics, and great use of atmospheric soundscape to create an incredible summer pop anthem that, even when summer ends, is still worth giving a listen – this track will always sound great, no matter the season.

Listen to the song on Spotify.

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