The Redroom Announce New Single ‘Coffee’

Last week, English indie pop group The Redroom announced details pertaining to the release of their latest single, ‘Coffee (What It’s Like To Fall In Love)’. Coming out on the first of September, the Northwestern independent’s latest song is a feel-good summer anthem that appeals to all different kinds of ears, and is definitely worth checking out at least once, whether you’re an experienced indie pop fan or not.

Formed in 2019 in Manchester and debuting shortly after, The Redroom carved out their own niche in the indie pop scene by mixing older pop sounds with the new. The eclectic Manchester quintet were hit just as hard as any other indie collective by the pandemic, and despite still being young, had their fair share of struggles in the wake of COVID-19. It was during the first lockdown when the band’s frontwoman Jess Lewis-Ward – only sixteen years old at the time – felt inspired to write a new song, and put the fruits of her labour into one new piece. This three-year work-in-progress piece would eventually become ‘Coffee’, the group’s latest single, which is set to reveal itself to the public eye come September 1st.

Continuing the trend they set with their aptly-named debut single, ‘Nostalgia’, The Redroom continue to appeal to the old and the new alike with ‘Coffee’. Combining the same styles that defined the 80s and 90s with those that continue to define the post-pandemic era, ‘Coffee’ is an eclectic, energetic summer anthem that’ll continue to make you feel good even after summer is over (which it soon will be). Jess Lewis-Ward has waited three years to turn this from a concept into a single – make sure you don’t waste her time, and check out the song when it releases come September 1st through the Spotify link below.

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