Foley Release Highly Anticipated Debut Album

Earlier this month, New Zealand pop duo Foley dropped their brilliant new album, ‘Crowd Pleaser’, on our heads – a ten-track release featuring new songs and past hits alike. With one half of the album having come out earlier this year to critical acclaim, the second part has been eagerly anticipated through these past months – and rightfully so, as the full release of ‘Crowd Pleaser’ is completely worth the hype.

Forming in 2017 and releasing their debut single ‘Settle’ shortly after, the Auckland-based duo have been rising up the charts through the past half-decade, owing to their awesome, energetic performing style and indie pop sound. Their Aotearoa Award-nominated music has captured the hearts of the two islands and beyond, and their 2020 debut EP, ‘On My Conscience’, hit #10 on New Zealand’s Albums chart despite releasing independently. Their 2021 follow-up, ‘Vacation’, had similar levels of success and acclaim, and through these three weeks, it’s looking like ‘Crowd Pleaser’ has indeed pleased crowds all across South Polynesia, with Foley back at the forefront of the New Zealand indie pop scene.

‘Crowd Pleaser’ and its accompanying singles, ‘Coffee’ and ‘What Got Into You’, are best described by the duo themselves as a ‘mixed bag of emotions’. Exploring topics closer to their hearts than ever, while still maintaining the same indie pop sound, Foley’s intentions were to create an album that feels both relatable and danceable at the same time – something they certainly succeeded in with this latest release. ‘Crowd Pleaser’ is an indie pop masterpiece, and absolutely worth at least one listen – something you can give it through the link below.

Stream Foley’s brilliant new ten-track album here.

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